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Another skeptic blown to outer space
  • Just two months ago, I took possession of a Helix Syn. Quickly, it took possession of me. Herein lies my tale of wonder.

    I immediately took it out of the box, lubed it up, and sent it in. (Crisco and Vaseline work great. Water-based not so great.) Good feelings were expected, with years of delight from insertion of various found objects and home-sculpted plugs modeled after the smaller Aneros models. Hell, I even discovered anal e-stim some years back. Not likely this thing could top that! Me figured those YouTube videos of the Super-o are some mix of spoof, hype, or antics only achievable by the young.

    But wait, what is that feeling? This thing is at a whole other level! And what is that motion - all on it's own? If feels like someone is fucking me! It must just be my breathing. No, it's a whole other rhythm! I can help it along, but then it goes on it's own!

    Bigger bigger bigger. By thinking of expanding the center of my abdomen, it brings the Aneros "home". The fabulous feelings makes me want to clench, but if I instead relax, the feelings get stronger. Hell, if they used this as the feedback to teach relaxation techniques, they'd have far better success! I wonder, my wife says she get's this "itch" for sex. Is this what it feels like to her?

    What would Darwin say is the reason we have a nerve that so craves the Aneros sensation? Is it an evolutionary vestige of the nerves that feed the female orgasm?

    And, crave, it does. Was it six hours later, I finally stopped? Each time it seemed like I had taken it to the "top", I'd start again, with sensations right where I left off. This could last all day! This is entirely different than the normal male penis wonder. This must be why gay guys like being the bottom.

    Trying to sleep was a challenge. With the Aneros out, the sensations kept coming. The next day at work, I had to try and avoid spontaneous chairgasms. Was it becoming a monster? Would I constantly be having to suppress this newfound skill?

    But the super-o remained elusive. It seemed like a four hour session that kept building throughout should end there, but it did not. This was with mixed feelings. What if going even further would leave me uncontrollably having prostate orgasms throughout the day? Was I losing control? Is this actuality the sign of an enlarged prostate? Am I making it worse?

    With subsequent sessions, things got more intense. I kept developing my ability to relax Eventually, I started to get twitches in the muscles throughout my legs, when at the height of prostate stimulation.

    Now, after an Aneros session one day, a long solo drive the next would find me being able to drive prostate massage for hours at a time, without anything inserted. This was proven when I found that my rewiring made it possible to enter an hour of orgasm with just a tiny anal plug. Or not even that. I laid for an hour one day, feeling as if the small plug was wonderfully massage my prostate and then discovered it had fallen out without my noticing? <I> was massaging my prostate, unassisted. Now, I found myself doing this when relaxing in conversation with friends. I hope they didn't wonder why I acted so dazed.

    Then, the other day, it happened. After a long Aneros session on day 1, unassisted two-hour sessions days 2 and 3, I settled in with the Syn on day 4.

    The previous orgasm sessions without the Syn now made using it again more amazing than ever. Like before, I had been able to make feelings of waves traveling throughout my body. I could determining the direction and speed, most effectively by NOT focusing on my ass or prostate - instead by looking into the dark space before my closed eyes.

    As before, I would find my legs beginning to tighten naturally, but now I had developed a technique to relax them, without disturbing the intense pleasure at the core. Every breath, every thought, every movement was focused on making the feeling more intense and more continuous. Remove every barrier. Make it unbearable.

    I had been speeding my sessions mostly on my back with legs straight. And that is how the grand finale began, with the first hour in increasing bliss. Then, I tried the doggy position for the first time, after seeing a video of the super-o in this position. By letting my legs start from a completely relaxed state, I was able to feed twitches to them and help guide them to twitch in a way that made the prostate pleasure even more intense. That was my first taste of the super-o, when my legs started to convulse, almost completely involuntarily. It's more like consciously deciding NOT to stop it. Letting go.

    With that encouragement, I went down flat on my stomach. Suddenly, I could tell this would lead to something fantastic. The preconditioning and this new position made it clear that shaking in my legs would create such an intense pleasure that my body would make them shake more. So I helped it happen, by relaxing even more and simply getting in the best position, the best state of mind. My Aneros, my prostate, my muscles, and my conscious me.

    Quickly, the team took over entirely, with my entire body thrashing, legs, arms and torso, until I achieved the orgasm of my life.

    Did I fail because it wasn't dry? I don't think so! I achieved something beyond believability.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Congratulations and welcome to the Forum!

    What a terrific experience, so wonderfully recounted.   Relaxing and  "letting go" are essential elements. Stay with it.  So much ahead for you.  Remain open to everything that comes your way....and more will be revealed to you.

    Enjoy the ride!

    BF Mayfield
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575

    What bodily sensations did you get when you tipped over...if I may ask? :)
  • helix44helix44
    Posts: 17
    I also experience the "dark space before my closed eyes", and have found that if I can let my self-awareness go silent every so briefly then I'm able to enter that dark space.  It's a freaky and wonderful experience, and I find myself happy to have it regardless of whether or not I turn out to have been on a path to a super O session.
  • What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring,

    I am new to Aneros as well and and am just starting my pilgrimage to the Super O but I have been able to have multiple dry orgasms for quite some time now, as well as those rather bothersome (but intensely pleasurable) "chairgasms" at work. There is no doubt that once a man opens his mind and body to the portal that is the prostate/anal/rectal dimension that his experience of sexuality changes markedly. I find myself having waves of contractions at different times throughout the day, sometimes constantly. It's distracting at work, that's for sure, and I am usually forced to jack-off in the washroom to quieten down my quivering and aching prostate and anal cavity. Talk about an itch that wants to be scratched!! It does appease my little p-beast for long but it helps. : )