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video documentation of full body/super-o
  • I debated for a few weeks if I wanted to try and record an aneros session & share it with the internet world. There is so much good information floating around on this forum I wanted to try and contribute something in return, so I decided that the more proof we can post the more people we can convince to try it out. It took me a several tries to get a decent clip to share, I found it difficult to fully let go while being on camera but I eventually got over it enough. I choose these clips because they allow me to remain fairly anonymous while still providing enough evidence that might help open someone up to the possibility that full-body or super-orgasms are possible for men (more on this in the second post if you are interested).

    The link is below. Keep in mind, I have absolutely no reason to lie to you about this & I just want both men & women to open up to their full sexual potential. If you are interested in what I have to say, please read the second post. If you can put up with seeing a guys bare ass from a distance the videos shouldn't be too hard to watch, even as a heterosexual guy. The first link is an unedited short session, & the second is a compilation of short clips of various peaks, so you don’t have to sit through a 15 minute video just to see something happen.

    Video 1: unedited quick session (more heterosexual friendly than video 2)

    Video 2: Edited compilation of a few session highlights (sound failed for last few minutes)

  • It is my hope that we can eventually teach and adopt a healthy view on sexuality for both men and women & not close off our minds to unknown possibilities. These short clips do not do justice to what is possible for a man to experience, with or without an aneros. Typically these sessions can last for hours and its beyond my abilities to upload a file that long & put it online (let alone record it, my little camera maxes out @ 30 min!). Don’t assume this is the ultimate goal (its not) or that there isn’t anything beyond this level of intensity, or that only super intense sessions are desirable. Being on tape made it hard to fully let go & I wanted it to happen so I could have video proof, so this combination reduced the quality of what I would normally experience.

    The first time it really hit me, I was writhing around on my bed screaming into a pillow thinking “this cant be real! I cant believe this is happening! This is the best thing ever!!!” It went on for so long I was afraid it would never stop & I had to ejaculate to end the waves (rookie mistake! there is no such thing as too many orgasms! I just wasn’t comfortable with this level of pleasure yet). I remember being on the bus the next day completely speechless. How can no one else know about this? I felt special, that I knew & experienced something that most men would never find. I looked at every person I walked by that day & wondered if they’ve ever had a full body orgasm that cascaded into something far more intense (a super-o if you want to label it, although I think labeling things makes it easy to close off our minds & makes us focus on trying to reach it which can be counter-productive. Sometimes what I consider a super-o cascades to an entirely new level, so why label it?). So it is through this small contribution to the forum & internet videos in general that I hope to one day change how we view sexuality & what is possible for men to experience.

    To my knowledge there aren’t many videos of men in general having multiple dry orgasms, let alone a full body orgasm, especially with an aneros (although as a straight man I haven’t spent that much time looking, & now that I realize there is a porn filter this isn’t entirely accurate anymore). It really is a shame, because both men and women have such a huge capacity for pleasure but through porn, tv, movies, friends & our culture we view sexuality (especially mens) with such a constrained and rigid view. There is so much repression & shame with sexuality, for both sexes whether you are straight, gay, bi-sexual or something entirely new that I don’t know about. Between religion, school, & just cultural standards it’s very difficult to find out how to develop as a sexually mature being. Keep in mind, in April 2013, the state of Virginia recently overturned an old law making oral & anal sex illegal for any couple (gay or straight), and a senator is APPEALING this to once again make it illegal.... Although a very rare situation, I can confidently say we do not live in a sexually mature or enlightened world right now.

    No one teaches healthy sexuality as we grow up (other than don’t have sex until you’re married & don't masturbate), and most of our knowledge comes from terrible sources. Next time you are in a supermarket, look at the magazine titles “THE NEWEST, HOTTEST SEX POSITION THAT WILL BLOW HER MIND!” or something similar. It’s all to make money, and sadly time, patience and self-exploration are not hot sellers. To this day, the sexual “experts” with their fancy doctorates & degrees still cannot agree if the g-spot exists in a woman or not. This is where our “credible” information comes from, and to make it worse there is so much BAD information on the internet & in the media it's no wonder the traditional male orgasm is limited to a quick ejaculation, you have no way to sort out the bullshit from what’s real.  This is the sole reason I posted a video. If i can open the eyes of at least a few people it will be worth it. It can be really hard to convince someone that something is possible if they think it is not. Remember, the earth was flat at one point and the sun revolved around us! Until we had evidence that said the contrary, no one believed it. I’m sure there are men out there that scoff and laugh saying the aneros doesn’t do this or that because only girls can have multiple orgasms, or you might think only gay men enjoy prostate stimulation (pleasure is pleasure... personally I’m straight & even after using a prostate massager I still lust after women, don’t worry). Or you might be gay, and think the aneros is too small to do anything. Whatever you may think, just please walk away with the idea that you may not know everything there is to know about sex, orgasms or sexuality, because I certainly don’t and never will (and neither will any “expert!”)

    Learning to relax into your body & mind while having an orgasm & fighting any tension that may arise while fully letting go of any inhibitions or fears opens the door for an entirely new experience over time. Its weird just letting go and making any sounds or movements that may come up, but over time you get comfortable with it. The hardest concept for me was learning to not want it to happen. You’ll hear over and over, the more you try to force it the more it will elude you. Which is annoying, because I really enjoy writhing around and feeling like my body is erupting in an orgasm, which has another orgasm, & so on until I reach the point where I feel like my entire being is going to be split in half because I can’t take it anymore... I broke my concentration once because I was cumming so hard & I didn’t know what would happen if I went any further, and just like that I had a quick second of fear & it stopped... And sometimes my muscles just cramp up from pulsating too much which distracts me, so even today I work on trying to relax even while riding the waves & peaks (not an easy thing to do).  And i bet if I asked my doctor about muscle cramps from cumming too hard or if can you hurt yourself having too intense of a full body orgasm, they would prescribe me a psych med (impossible... he must be crazy! a MALE g-spot?!).

    I’ve personally had more success just learning to relax as involuntary movements begin to happen (starting with the do-nothing method). It takes time, patience & practice but I think if you can go through a session without worrying about where its going and just learn to enjoy the ride, you made a huge step in this journey. It may not look like it in the video, but I am not forcing any of those muscle contractions. I’m just laying there seeing what my body may or may not do, checking in & making sure I’m letting go of inhibitions. I can’t speak for the best method, model or position for you to try. Part of this process is learning it through your own body and mind.

    If you have tried before and are discouraged, don't give up! It took me a couple years to get to this point and I set it down for several months in between attempts when I hit a wall. I learn & feel new things as time goes on (it's an evolving process, the more I can relax into an orgasm the deeper and more satisfying it becomes). And full body orgasms aren’t limited to just aneros use either, if you can learn to do this with an aneros you can learn to relax and give into deeper pleasures while having sex or masturbating as well. The possibilities could go on for a lifetime. The key is not closing off your mind to what you can/can’t do and always keep that beginner mindset where you are playful and explorative and never tell yourself “this is the only way it can be.” If you have a small super-o & set that as your ultimate destination & only do what you did to get there that one time, you may only be limited to that experience until you try something else.

    That’s really all I have to say, all the information you need to start your journey is already in this forum. I hope one day as a culture we can learn to let go of our egos and learn to enjoy ourselves, our partners & just life in general without fear, shame or inhibition. Good luck in your journey, I hope you will continue to be open to new possibilities and continue learning about your own sexuality your whole lives. It is definitely worth the time & effort!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    That was a beautiful post, I completely agree with all your observations, I wish I was as eloquent.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I second Rumel's comments... a very insightful post.

    "...I felt special, that I knew & experienced something that most men
    would never find. I looked at every person I walked by that day &
    wondered if they’ve ever had a full body

    I can totally relate to this.  This is precisely how I felt when this happened for me early on.  I felt like Superman;-)     And strangely (like Superman) I was often obliged to keep (my powers) under wraps.   I've changed on that nowadays, but the special feeling still remains.

     BF Mayfield
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    @sandmann206: That was an excellent summary. Thank you.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    let me get this straight, the earth is not flat?  LOL  Just kidding, great write up sandman!  I, like everyone else, felt that way too about being special, knowing none of my friends had experienced a prostate orgasm.  We are a special few who put caution to the wind and stuck a piece of plastic up our bums  :)>-
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    That was a great post @sandmann206. Up till now I thought everything revolved around me! \:D/
    I have been anerosing for 1 year. I put the aneros in and within a few seconds it starts moving on its own.
    I relax deeper and the session takes off. I am in a world of pleasure with peaks and troughs and waves.
    It is very confusing what is what, as I like to know what is going on and I do feel the battle is trying not to control the session in anyway. I have had it where my whole body cramps up tight on good occasions and I think this is a form of super -O but there is always this nagging feeling that this is just a orgasm of sorts.
    I do writhe around a little bit but nothing like the videos ( sorry have not seen yours the internet has been shaped at the moment till next month) So I am constantly in to minds of whether the videos are just BS or I am just not really having a real super-O yet.
    I am open to the fact that yes the videos are most likely true as once I did not believe that the aneros orgasmic zone was true. But I have reached that, it was not lies so why would I in good conscience think that the writhing videos are BS.
    I must keep practicing.
    I have always been jealous of the girls being able to have such orgasms and have always wanted to have hours of orgasms too. I am almost there just awaiting the intensity to ramp up.
    I remember when I was younger wanting to be A GIRL for a day or two just so I could feel this pleasure, now being older and wiser thanks to aneros its all becoming a reality without having to be a girl...
    I too go about my daily life thinking I wonder if he knows or him, I guarantee he does not.
    It would be nice to think that we would reach a stage where we are taught about our sexuality when younger. I can just see it now Orgie class at high school. It will never be...
    It seems to me that the world is going backwards. They are getting more conservative but it just might be the sinewave of life the 70s was free love maybe the next peak of the sinewave will be more erotic than free love who knows. What I do know is it is not looking good with the likes of the Muslem faith on the rise. This is a extremely conservative religion but one of just many.
    Maybe we are at the beginning of a (brave new world) as the Aneros revolution sweeps the world.
    We can only lay back (while having orgasms of course) and see what will be.
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    @abraveneworld that envy that you described was exactly what I went thru last year. I was probably worse than you tho. 

    I remember lying in bed literally wanting to die because I was so unsatisfied sexually. I would have just came, and had the most utterly disappointing orgasm, and just knowing that ANY attempt to try again meant waiting about 20 minutes. I felt so left out at the idea that apparently over half the population could have multiple orgasms while I was sitting here working my ass off at a job I hate and my only relief was a 7 second, disappointing orgasm.  After a while I decided that all girls MUST be faking it, and that their orgasms were probably the same, and that they just moaned more because its hot or whatever. After living in this world for a while, I was pretty much OK. I no longer felt left out, i just thought that girls must just exaggerate a bunch more than guys.. Weeeell this illusion shattered at a really unexpected time for me. I was making out with my amazing girlfriend, and started kissing her neck a little bit, and after like 10 seconds she starts having these deep inner-body spasms and has no idea whats going on. I keep on kissing her neck and she starts cumming. I hadn't intended it to happen, but I was pretty impressed that she could come from neck kissing. That illusion I had shattered hard once I realized she had been coming for about a minute straight, having what sounded like the most pleasurable orgasm I had ever heard. I could feel her spasms. They were those deep muscle spasms that you could never fake in a million years, and she was essentially screaming at this point. It was that moment that I realized that my denial of it was just a coping method. and I DIED... like a bit of my soul rotted away. It literally left a pretty big emotional scar on me. In one minute I learned that I had been lying to myself for close to 5 months.

    Most of the scars are gone now because of the aneros, but every once in a while, when i hear the phrase multiple orgasms, I still go back to that denial mode because of how deep that pain was. 

    Life is tough when you have no hope. Hope is all you need.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    From the bottom of my heart, I would like to offer you my deepest thanks for setting up this wonderful thread. I feel it deserves to be placed alongside @Cockadoodle's  thread "Penis Not" and @CaveOfMystery's"Quick and Dirty Path to the Super-O" as one of the classic threads of this forum.

    I am (although I probably shouldn't be), surprised at great responses that we are now getting from the likes of @braveneworld and @MMO_RPGlol and others. Thank you all!

    Maybe we can change the world even in a small way!
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    From one newbie to another I applaud you man. I have been on this journey for only two months now and the things that my body can do and the things that I allow it to do is mind blowing. I am so glade that we have another man on the team. 
  • CyrilDCyrilD
    Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    Finally a video where my sensation and my orgasms are similar !
    Thank you very much Sandman !

    I have a question for you !
    My favorites position is your, that is to say on my stomach, but the problem is my penis ...
    I have one or two good orgasms and after I have a super T because my penis touching and is masturbate between the mouvement of my body and the bed.
    How you do to not have a super T ?

    An other thing, I had a wonderful super O From 2 month (and my only one) and my sensation was very different and much more intense that the basic orgasm in your video. Nevertheless your video is very representative of my orgasms !
    Have you got a super O in this postion ?

    Thank you very much for your contribution with your video.

  • Courageous in thought and outstanding in encouraging illustration - bravo!
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    @sandmann206; Such an insightful post!

    Prior to Aneros I would not have watched your videos, now I'm comparing! Our sessions appear to be very similar, as in very physical.

    As you and others suggest, relaxing is an important skill. I've been using Aneros for about 16 months. Like you, my sessions are pretty physical. I am trying to manage the physical reactions through relaxation.

    Within the last month, I have learned how to dampen the physical reactions to the point where I can calmly relax into a session. This weekend, working hard at relaxing (oxymoron?) during a session, something new happened. Usually I get strong tingling below the waist before I head into the Super-O zone. This time it worked its way up my body to my head. My hair (whats left) was tingling, my cheeks, my chest. It was intense and felt like I was wrapped in energy. I felt I was able to enter the center of the energy. It persisted for a long period. I 'm not sure what it was, but it was very different than my normal Super-O, perhaps a new variation?

    In the past, I occasionally got this feeling there was something else, like a door cracking open and a glimpse of something else then quickly closing. It was intense and it almost scared me. Through relaxing, I may have opened that door a bit longer.

    Your posting touched on a number of key topics and offers encouragement. I hope we hear more from you!

  • whew! MAN was I nervous about posting this on the internet! I'm glad it was helpful to some people, I think we can all learn from each other if we allow it. I have certainly learned a lot from this forum & can't thank everyone enough for contributing over the years. 

    CyrilD, to answer your questions, I used the eupho for the videos because it never slips out, and it also doesn't give me an erection very often, so it doesn't distract or bother me to lay on my stomach. It's a completely different story with my progasm, sometimes it feels like I'm at 110% of my normal erection and I have to either move on my side or back (and it slips out occasionally, another thing to worry about on camera). I have been able to have what I consider my most intense super-o's (so far) on my stomach, but depending on the day or model I use I kind of roll around to see what happens. I didn't get one of the most sessions on video unfortunately, being on camera made me think about where it would go (so naturally it didn't happen!).

    And to touch on the frustration concept quick, I think most of us have had a point in our lives where we were frustrated with what we thought was our "limitations" as a man or being jealous of women who were multi-orgasmic (hence why we ended up here). One thing to keep in mind, being multi-orgasmic doesn't come easy for most women, I know several adult women who have a difficult time having one orgasm, and chances are most multi-orgasmic women weren't like that from day one. Everyone has a unique body and can be at a different place in how comfortable they are with their own sexuality. If you ever get performance anxiety (with an aneros, sex or really anything), just try to view your sessions as an opportunity to celebrate what is possible today. Everyday I have a different body to work with (tired, stressed, horny, sick, angry, out of shape, quivering prostate that won't let you sleep etc), & I try to just let each sensation or movement be a new journey. It's hard to let go of past experiences, but it will come with time. 

    If you think you might be too internally tense in general, maybe picking up yoga, meditation/meditative breathing, tai-chi or chi-gong (or any method of relaxation) might help in the long run. We are all very complex beings, & there is a very strong connection between the mind & body. Yoga personally helped me to calm down internally & helped me learn to get out of my mind (worry, fear, comparing to others) and into the present sensations in my body. It might not be for everyone, but find what works for you as a person. Again, keep learning  & trying new things, you might like it! 

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome sandmann206!!  :D :D

    Thank you SO much for your reflections on the potential of what an awakening and fully awakened prostate can mean for men, and for women too!! A relatively old-timer here now, I went through a lot of thought too when I first considered doing Aneros demo videos illustrating certain techniques, something I never would have thought I would do when first joining here, and appreciating others vids then. Congratulations on your first two videos; they are quite good illustrations from a different point of view than many of the earlier ones. They illustrate specific muscles responding, which is helpful in reflecting on the flurry of one's own reactions.

    My initial crude vids came about because I received requests for demonstrations to support what I had been reporting in threads here and in the great Chat community here. I joined another Anerosian, Wuerstchen, then in posting my vids at (I am artformed there), started an Aneros users group there, and have attracted many men there, young and old, to join the practice and community here at Aneros. I think we all have to find every way possible to get the word out to men everywhere. I have spoken at mixed groups, to individuals, often introducing it through the health benefits at first. I am wearing my two different Aneros T-shirts more often in public too, which can be conversation starters naturally!!

    Mine has been a mixed Aneros/KSMO/Tao practice and fully with my wife over the seven years I have been here. I look forward to your further posts and videos and wish you all the best with your Aneros journey too!!

    all the best courage and heart for sharing the abundant energies and the key sensuality of the awakening prostate practice all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected