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great lube combo: vaseline plus astroglide
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    In other threads recently the combination of vaseline and astroglide was mentioned as particularly good.

    I gave it a try.  Thick coat of vaseline on my helix syn.  Then a coating of Maximus (a water based lube similar to Astroglide).

    In she went. When I removed it 45 minutes later it was still slippery.   The two lubes had kind of blended into a best-of-both combo, which seemed to have particularly good lasting properties.

    I like this method because I am generally wary of water-based lubes.  I don't like the idea of my rectum absorbing the concoctions of unknown perverted chemical engineers.  This way at least it keeps the water based lube to a minimum, and maybe it being blended with the oil keeps it in the rectum.

  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    I noticed the same with olive oil and vaseline, mixes together to a good blend. Thin layer of vaseline, oliveoil over that.
  • i use a medical grade vaseline and a natural rapeseed oil.

    helix gets a vaseline coating. as an internal pre lubrication i mix vaseline with the oil in a small tumblr and heat with hot water outside so the vaseline melts and the mixture becomes one creamy fluid, which can now be used with a lubrication syringe. never got sore again.
  • SaddleUpSaddleUp
    Posts: 33
    I, too, use the combo of Vaseline and Astroglide. Cheap and easily available.

    Recently I've stopped using the Vaseline on my Aneros. Instead I slowly massage Vaseline carefully but directly into my anus and rectum. I spend several minutes massaging in all directions inside, while taking deep breaths, usually accompanied by erotic thoughts. I usually begin with 15 to 20 minutes in an Anerosless session.

    Then I apply the Astroglide to my toy, either Helix Syn or MGX and guide it slowly in. This way it's easier to clean the toy afterwards. I find that the Vaseline directly on the Helix Syn is a bit hard to clean -- seems to leave a residue over time. I don't seem to ever have issues drying out, though its unusual for me to go more than an hour in a session.
  • ZoopZoop
    Posts: 31
    Weird. Lube is personal I guess, but I'm sensitive to Glycerin, and the Glycerin-free variant gave me an unpleasant (sort of burning) sensation. I thought it was overall too watery and migrated away from where it needed to be quickly even with vaseline, but to be fair I only tried this combination once before deciding it was too unpleasant for myself.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Try Slippery Stuff Gel and Vaseline; it's super thick, super long-lasting, and anal-safe.  I've never had a burning sensation with it.