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Does anyone else have the most invoulantaries the first 10 minutes? (And my first P-wave!!)
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    As the title says, the first 5-10 minutes I get a lot of invoulantaries. It moves alot even though I do nothing during this relaxation period. After this stops I go over to starting with mild kegels and breathing. No luck getting invoulantaries after the intitial period yet.

    So.. today,, I got invoulantaries using the Helix in the start first.. then did some kegels. Tok 10minutes break and went over to the Progasm Ice, got invoulantaries the first 5-10 minutes with this as well.

    I then started with the "quick and dirty path to Super-O" by CaveOfMystery... and behold...

    I GOT MY FIRST P-wave!!! 

    How it happened:  
    I went with the good feelings and kept the rolling motion kegel below 10% of full power. It started in the center of my abdomen, above my prostate. Went over to butterflies(a tingling feeling) and streched out 20cm in diameter in my abdomen increasing in intensity!

    This is what I think you Pro`s call the P-wave. Am I right?
    And anyone else get the most IV in the first minutes?
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    Now I can't say for sure, but I think you are looking too hard into the term P wave. I was the same way.

    I thought I had my first p wave. Turns out it was more of a mini-o. You are probably a lot further along than you expect.

    P waves in my opinion are almost completely overlooked by new guys. Overlooked because you don't know exactly what to expect, and you don't think they are a subtle as they really are in the beginning.

    Take these words with a grain of salt, but these are just my thoughts. Great progress tho!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @Alex_xxx - My own personal experience is that the more I try to manipulate my PC and anal muscles in a vain attempt to increase the pleasure during an Aneros session (the opposite of the relax and do nothing approach), the less involuntary anal contractions occur. When the involuntaries stop, try noticing what your muscle tension down there is, and try relaxing even more and see what happens.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    @Love_is   -  I will certainly try the method. Sounds interesting and I see how it will relate to the invoulentaries I already have.

    @MMO_RPGlol - wow.. it never really struck me that that might be a mini-O... Interesting... 

    Thank you for the input guys!

  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    Alex - I recently have gone through the 2 similar stages you presented. And would like to thank Caveofmystery as i believe his post has moved alot of us closer. Id like to add that on top of your post, i have been able to bring my self to the PONR, and feel very pleasurable feelings through out my abdomen/pelvis. I can cycle this well now, as i practised this technique specifically without my aneros.
    I would like some input from others on this. Am i having dry orgasms? Im having trouble determining if im simply having large p-waves as there is no overwhelming sense of pleasure that i am use to with traditional ejaculation, But instead long sustained less intense pleasure. I might add that i cannot cycle this whilst relaxing my muscles. I realise that this go's against alot of what ive read, But i find i can cycle below of the PONR only whilst contracting my muscles(abdomen and legs) and concentrating. Relaxing completely and concentrating does not yeild similar results. I have done this to the point where my muscle contractions became much more involuntary, But still voluntary in the sense that given i try to, i could bring myself to stop. Yesterday i got further than i had previously, and found that i was not only lifting myself off of my bed (I was lying on my stomach) but my muscle involuntaries were alot more intense, and i felt a much more intense energy in my spine. However i did not feel increased pleasure.

    Can someone shed some light on this. Am i having mini-o's? are Dry O's and mini O's the same thing.

    Currently i seem to be held back by my urge to ejaculate, Meaning i can only build my arousal so high, before i have to continue backing off. Personally i feel like if i can overcome this barrier between ejaculating and arousal, I will be able to achieve much high states of arousal and pleasure.

    Any thoughts appreciated.
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 233

     "P waves in my opinion are almost completely overlooked by new guys. Overlooked because you don't know exactly what to expect, and you don't think they are a subtle as they really are in the beginning."

    Agreed. Lot of my discovery of 'p-waves' actually occurred outside of sessions - and often have a shot of adrenaline follow. 
  • NettlesNettles
    Posts: 19
    @Wired  - Right now you're driving down the highway going the speed limit.  It's a pleasant enough ride, keep on going because one of these days the accelerator is going to slam to the floor and you're going to be in for a ride like you've never imagined.  You are on the cusp of unlocking it all.
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    Thanks nettles. The last couple of days i really feel like im making some progress. Im trying to keep the "itll happen when im ready" mentality going. But boy i must say, im rather excited about what i thinks coming.