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Aneros Marksman - Does it expire?
  • Like the title says. Does it expire? And if so, how long does it take?

    I ask this because I like using it but I don't want to use too many tubes at once so I would use a generic applicator loaded with lube from another company. I would like to know how long I can keep my tubes of marksman for.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    i would say no.  Never heard of a lubricant going bad, maybe if it sat around for a couple of years it might separate.  No worries.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @crazyphuka - I don't recall ever seeing an expiration date for synthetic water based lube. I just looked on my bottle of Slipperystuff Gel, and there is none to be found. You also might want to direct your question to Aneros Support who could give you a more definitive answer: