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3 new things and it's as if someone flipped a switch.
  • TeederTeeder
    Posts: 31

     I have been doing more reading here then posting and I can say that my sessions have gone from hit and miss to a positive experience almost 100 percent of the time.  The first was a change in lubes and how much I used(too much kills the session for me).  Someone here (can't remember who) said they used a little vasoline around the anus, then Preperation H on the massager itself.  This was a MAJOR improvement for me!  The second change came with the mindset of just letting the orgasm happen and giving yourself the freedom to just let enjoy it.  I have done this in the past but never fully understood it in this way.  I was my own worst enemie and I didn't know it.  The third was when I realized that I have to have some kind of penial contact at the beginning of the session to help me focus.  This isn't stroking, this is just mere contact without movement.  I thought back to the times that I did have great sessions and tried to think of what was different from those that weren't and it hit me that my good and great sessions were when my penis was in contact with a blanket or a sheet and I had my first fully body orgasm when I was laying on me stomach on the edge of the bed with one leg draped over almost touching the floor.  I have since started to just place my hand on my penis when I start my sessions and things progress quite quickly.  I don't need to keep it there, just when I am first starting.  Hope this helps.



  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Thank you for sharing this with us Teeder. You and another guy in the forum both have this approach of touching your penis. There really is some differences in responses between men. Every time I've tried this, it just leads to a super-T. But I'm happy you figured that this works for you.