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Aneros and exercise
  • Wondering if there is any experience among the forum in using the aneros while doing exercise (i.e. walking on treadmill)?  Any thoughts of whether or not this would be beneficial or not?
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    I went for a morning walk with a SGX. Only did it once. I felt it was beneficial for my PC and sphincter muscles. The gym treadmill - embarrassing if it fell out. Morning might not be the 'safest' time!! I might try it again, but I would go for a narrow neck model.
  • Isvara,

    In regards to the gym treadmill, I wouldn't be using it at the gym.  I have a treadmill here at home.  I have the helix is that what you refer to when you say Narrow neck model?

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    @Newtohelix, the helix, Syn and Eupho are medium neck, the Ice etc are wide neck, the SGX, MGX and PS-New are narrow neck by my definition. Being narrow neck for me at least makes them a secure fit.
    I hope this helps.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,837
    Agree with isvara's preference for 'narrow necked' Aneros toys during exercise.

    Aneros plays well for me during Tai Chi, a martial arts discipline with slow moves, very precise forms and meditative pauses.  The emphasis is on muscular precision and meditative blending of one's breathing, mental focus and physical positions.

    I always affirm that exercise 'sessions' are not to be orgasmic in nature and I employ a toy (SGX) that I do not routinely use for my orgasmic sessions.  (My toys for intense orgasm are Helix, -syn or Eupho). Martial arts sessions are about physical position, control and moving meditation whereas my orgasmic sessions are about relaxation and allowing pleasure to freely sweep across my being.  I think that, to view martial arts and orgasm within the same picture frame would endanger my orgasmic rewiring.

    Tai Chi is lower-body intensive and I punctuate most pauses and forms with an ano-rectal contraction. That promotes prostate and Dan Tien pleasure while building pelvic floor musculature throughout a wide range of lower-body geometries. I think this is more effective and natural than just grinding out sets of Kegels in only one or two body postures. My own preference is for a 'smaller' toy, usually my SGX.  It's narrow neck is easy to "grasp" and it provides an excellent 'sense of Dan Tien, something valuable in any martial arts or Yoga session.

    Here's a short video that discusses sphincter moves to boost sense of Dan Tien.

    Remember that lube has to last through 45-60 minutes of repetitive movement.

    Undergarments...  If you opt for a sports short or compression short, truncate the tail of the tool to ensure freedom of movement.  If you wear a jockstrap under your Gi use a shoelace to tie the tail of the toy to your jock.  That will prevent embarassment in case of "fallout."