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Is aneros keeping you in shape?
  • It seems to me that once you have crossed over and start having super Os on a regular basis, your body has some mayor workouts. So I was just wondering if you have noticed some changes in your body like weight or muscle definition, specially around the abs.
  • HellyesHellyes
    Posts: 37
    I agree that you get a major workout. Today I had a session for about 1.5hrs and realized I was performing ab contractions and significant leg and buttock contractions.  At one point I was on my forearms face down in the plank/pushup position which really works your abs.  Basically full body contractions.  I am often sore from a good session.

    I would like to say yes to have you noticed differences, but it is hard to tell for sure.  I do a lot of mountain biking.  I think my ab definition is improved due to Aneros.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    I haven't achieved a Super-O yet in the nearly ten months that I have Anerosed. But when I began using the Maximus in August 2012, I noticed that it began firming up my musculature not only in my groin, but also in my thighs and torso. The Maximus also began toning not only my abs, pecs, but even my biceps. All this was intensified as I began working with both the Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic last fall.

    Also I have been a great walker most of my life. I have found that a good walk after an Aneros session enhances the pleasurable effects of a session and vice versa. In fact, when I am on a long walk, I find myself falling into a long, extended walkinggasm and even several!

    Finally, generally right after my Aneros session, my Kegels are so natural and full of pleasure! I just love to do the Kegel Exercises for the fun of it and to feel the pleasure emanating from the "seat" of my manhood. :D :)