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First Non Penile orgasam
  • ExpelledExpelled
    Posts: 4
    I am new to this.  Today I had my 3rd session since getting a helix a few weeks ago.  The first session I did with the wife. We just inserted it and pretty much had conventional sex (which was great)

    The second time was by myself after I had been here reading about how to properly use the Aneros.  I tried for "hands free" no penis stimulation.  This was good, pleasant but I did not come close to a prostate O or anything really different.  After about 30 minutes I finished myself up the old fashioned way.

    Today I started out as usual and after insertion I laid on my back and just breathed  and relaxed with my eyes closed.

    I began contractions and after 10 minutes I began to feet that unmistakable prostate tingle.  The slight urge to pee with a noticable ammount of pre cum. I kept going but the felling fell off after a while.  So I reached back and provided some counter pressure with my hand.  This made all the difference. Within a few minutes I had a great orgasm.  I had to look to make sure I was not "coming" I was quite amased to see my penis not only completely flaccid but not ejaculating!!  I was able to have 3 more smaller orgasms after this, once again completely soft and no ejaculation.  I then finished my self off by conventional penile stimulation. (in layman's terms I beat my pee pee like I caught it breaking in to my house)  I have to say it has always been difficult for me to achieve an erection when the aneros in, BUT the orgasms with it in are awesome.

    I would like to have more of these "non penile non ejaculation orgasms" I like the helix syn,  BUT I think maybe a slightly bigger or differently shaped device would hit my prostate better and give me better stimulation and more hands free ability???

    Thanks for all the great info here and PLEASE SHARE YOUR OPINIONS.

  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700

    @Expelled A few weeks ago I nearing the end of my available time for mys ession and reached back and lightly starting tapping the rear tab on my device and each time I did I got an amazing contraction. I soon ran out of time and never tried it again for fear of screwing up my progress. Now you have me wondering what more experienced users will say.

    I am wondering if slow light rhythmic tapping might induce the involuntaries and start the rhythm cycle??

    Any input?

  • ExpelledExpelled
    Posts: 4
    Tapping would be a pretty apt description to what I did. I was on my back, thrust my hips upward while contracting my sphincter. On the down-stroke I would dit the handle. It made all the difference. Thanks for your comment.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    I dont think manually moving the device is ever encouraged as this can cause damage or tears in your anus.  That being said I think the reason you might have experienced what you did, is because with experienced use there are times when your muscles will actually suck the device up into you providing more pressure on your prostate causing some very powerful orgasms and pleasureable feelings.  So in a sense, you cheated LOL.  But seriously, i think your probably fine with light tapping in my view, but I wouldnt do anymore then that so your not risking doing any damage up in there if you get my drift.  I think you would benefit way more by just following the protocol and learning the tradiontal way of using the device since in the end it will most likely produce much more powerful feelings then what you can do manually. thats my two cents.
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700
    @ineverknew it only takes a very light tap like tapping your finger on a table top to produce a supe contraction. It isn't pushing or anything. It was rather startling that such a light touch did what it did. But I quit before anything happened like @Expelled described. But it might be worth revisiting on those slow sessions.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Congratulations on the early success achieving multi-O's, however, I would also like to caution against manual manipulation of your new massager. The application of light pressure as you described is probably non-problematic but there may be a temptation to incrementally increase pressure/movement in order to accomplish an increase in pleasure response. This is potentially a more dangerous path of progress, hence, the normal admonition to avoid manual intervention.

    I think you will find it more effective to develop your pelvic floor muscles as the power source for movement/pressure application. Freeing up use of your hands thus affords you the opportunity to use them to caress not only yourself but your bed partner as well.

    While each Aneros model does touch slightly different areas of your anatomy and correspondingly produces slightly different sensations, it is impossible for us to predict if another model would be more effective for you or not. Unfortunately the only way you will know for sure is to purchase each model and try it out. Ultimately you may end up doing just that but I'd suggest you continue learning with your Helix for the time being.
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  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700

    @rumel @ineverknew @Expelled I realize that there is a risk with manual manipulation and the tendancy to get over exuberant in doing it, but what we are talking about is a very light tap. Now, I get the same trigger if there is a startling sound, in fact in some of the sound tracks designed for the Aneros experience they have those sound changes built in.

    I wonder how many others have a trigger from the tapping. If it is a large number maybe there is something to it and given that the "tap" is very light not a push or pull, maybe a small device could be bulit in to the base of the device that generates a random tap that might induce the involuntaries.

    Expelled's inquiry that mirrors my experience just got me wondering about that possibility

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    That's fantastic, Expelled, that you have developed that degree of prostate sensitivity in so short a period of time.  It took me months.  The trick now is to get the O's to come from involuntary contractions of the anus and lower rectum that you can facilitate with some simple tricks.  You won't hurt yourself with gentle manipulation of the Aneros but the idea is to develop the ability to have these involuntary contractions without "helping" by moving the Aneros with your hands.

    What helps me most in doing this is to relax on my back a few minutes with a prewarmed Aneros in (I have a Syn too and I'd recommend sticking with that one until you start getting the hang of this) and then to hold some gentle pulling in contractions with my urinary sphincter (think "up front" down there--not down at the anus) all while lightly tickling my nipples.  Within a couple minutes I start having powerful orgasms that come one behind another about every 2 to 3 minutes all lasting about 15 - 20 minutes though this pattern can vary greatly between individuals.  As you noticed, nothing comes out and (at least after erections that accompany the first 2 or 3 O's for me) you'll usually be totally flaccid.  In fact by the end of a session I'm so soft I couldn't do anything with it if I wanted.

    I'm married too and you can have great fun with the plug and play approach you've already enjoyed.  The next fun step for you though is to learn how to have the Aneros produce orgasms from involuntary movements and experience the resulting enhanced sensitivity and control over traditional orgasm you can start having during sex with your wife.

  • ExpelledExpelled
    Posts: 4
    Thanks for the insight slimjim.  I will keep you posted as to the progress I make.