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Progasm ICE has busted me! Not funny. Ok maybe a little bit funny if your not me.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    Ok this is embarrassing but I have got to ask the question.

    I have had a nasty reaction to my progasm Ice this morning and wondered if anyone else has had any trouble.

    For whatever reason I had the stupid urge to sleep with the P Ice last night.
    There was more than enough lube so I did not run out.
    I started with eupho at 10:30 and at 12am I inserted the ICE after a 1 hour session I went to sleep with it in and woke and removed it at about 5am.
    I felt fine.
    I was a little sore by mid morning so I had a look at my butt with a mirror. There are dark purple blood clots around my butt hole like hemroids. I am fairly sure they were not there the night before.
    I am thinking that the Ice had me stretched maybe to long and the blood got stuck and caused the roids.
    They are not real painful but I feel they are there, if you know what I mean.

    Before I bought the progasm Ice I know I did not have any active roids as I had noticed that the small ones I had had, were gone with the uses of helix and eupho. 

    I hope they will go away by themselves over the next few weeks like roids but I will have to stop using the Progasm Ice at least for a while.

    Maybe I can use the eupho to help get rid of them.

    Has this happened to anyone else on the forum?
    I would like to hear from you to at least put my mind to rest.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    Yep, that's exactly what they are, small clotted external hemorrhoids.  When blood can't flow through those small veins the good Lord cushioned the sides of our butt holes with for good sealing when closed, tiny clots will form and you'll see these little purple bulges that kind of hurt, especially when defecating a large hard stool.  Over time the little clots will reabsorb and it will heal where you won't even know it happened.

    Keep your bowels soft and going easy, use some comforting lubrication there like hemorrhoidal cream or inserted suppositories, take some warm sitz baths or use a shower spray massager hose to gently cleanse and provide comfort to the area, and shower or thoroughly clean your anus after defecating to avoid irritation from retained fecal material in the anal canal.

    Once you get things better, use your Eupho (that's one of the reasons I like my Eupho so much--it's comfortable and doesn't apply undue pressure to the anal tissues and hemorrhoid veins, not to speak of the incredible orgasms it produces) and you'll do fine.  Nothing to be embarrassed about.