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I think I am getting close....
  • Hi, this is my first time posting and I have been an aneros user for about 6 months. It has been kind of a wild ride and I can't wait to see what the future brings. I have read many testimonials and most of them have been really helpful. I have to say that at this point I can relate to many of them since I have experience from the involuntary contractions and shaking to the dry orgasms and the aneros moving all on its own, it is quite an experience. Right now I am at the point where I thing I am getting close to the super "O" but I just can't reach it jet. Here is what I have been doing lately: I will usually take a warm shower and then watch some porn to get me arouse. I lubricate my anus and then insert the pre-lubricated aneros. By the way I just recently switched from the helix classic to the syn and I really like it. I will relax and work on my slow breathing for about 10 minutes and then gently I will start some very small anal contractions to stimulate the involuntary contractions which they usually start right away. I keep just teasing my prostate with very soft contractions until a start to feel an orgasm building up. As this is happening, I feel some small tingling on different areas of my body, nothing strong or long lasting but nice. At this point I have tried 2 different approaches. First, I keep doing the small contractions to the point where it feels like I am about to have an orgasm, sometimes my heart beat will rise and I can feel how something big is building up and it's just around the corner, but that's as far as I get. Then, I have also tried the " let your body do the work" so once I feel that something is building up, I just let my body go and really relax to the point where I can feel how the nice sensations get a little bit stronger and stronger but also I get to a point where I am so relaxed that my body feels heavy and I am barely breathing but nothing else happens. I know this journey into the super "O" land needs patience and hard work which I am more that happy to invest. I am just wondering if there is something I could be doing better or if it's just a matter of keep trying and wait until my body is ready to have a super "O".
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @passionboy44,

    I can tell that you are doing all the right things with the Aneros, especially with all your hard work and patience. In many ways, I am like you. On Monday March 3, I begin my ninth month with the Aneros. However, some months ago, I decided to just relax and have fun with my Aneros sessions. Utmost in reaching the goal of the Super-O and other Aneros blessings, I just let go and focus on having pleasure with my team of Aneros models who have become such good buddies in Anerosing. I do not know when a Super-O may occur for me, but I suspect that it may happen soon out of the blue some day!

    Take care,

  • Hi BigGlansDC,

    Thanks for the reply. It's exciting to see that you are already going into your ninth month and that somehow you also have adopted the "let's just enjoy the ride" philosophy and try to enjoy every minute of it. I have to admit that I have always been very skeptic about anything that seems to good to be true. Having said that, I have experience enough moments where I go "Oh, l remember l read something about this on the forums but now it's happening to me" that I am becoming a believer. Thanks for your thoughts and good luck!

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    sounds like your "circling the drain" so to say.  Ive been there and to be honest never actually went down the drain yet lol.  My experience has been when I try and chase it down, I tend to lose it altogether.  I think its probably best to just sit back and enjoy what you have until the day comes when it does happen.  Also for me i tend to have the best O's when im least expecting them, they just come out of nowhere, but I too also have the sensations that seem to build and build and then seem to go nowhere.   Oh well, it will happen someday, no need to get discouraged. Good Luck! 
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    You have to be able to relax while also staying with the moment. I think our experiences of relaxing like that are mostly associated with going to sleep, so there's a tendency to let your mind drift off completely.
    I've had sessions where I got so detached from the moment, that I found myself thinking of random crap like the events of the day. Needless to say, the session was ruined by the time I realized how distracted I'd become.
    You need to maintain some focus, at least up to a point.
    When you notice an orgasm coming, there isn't anything you need to do to jump out and grab it, just keep doing what you're doing and don't worry about it. We're used to bracing ourselves for orgasm, straining at the last few seconds, but you don't need to, you can drift right into it. It's about keeping your cool and not letting this big approach of something break your concentration.
    If it works, keep doing it, let the pleasure be your guide.
    Don't be frustrated either, it's not all about what you're doing or not doing, I've gotten more sensitive and in tune over time, so it's as much about training.