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there's something bugging me
  • there's something that's been bugging me because the aneros was invented for a enlarged prostate not for pleasure so the people who brought the aneros for a enlarged prostate wouldn't have know about all these excises you got to do to get a hands free orgasm
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    I don't think you are correct in what you say.
    I think some HIH models were created to help with hemorrhoids
    Others were created to self-massage the prostate, to replace the physical massage that was the practice, for prostate care. They were not designed specifically for BHP as you suggest.
    Some have found in caring for their prostate that the self-massage prostate assisted in relieving some of the symptoms of BHP.
    For many centuries prostate massage has had pleasurable results as well as medical.
    Not every Aneros user is aiming for a hands fee job.
    I don't see what could be bugging you.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832

    Hi Darren,

    Before the introduction of the Aneros product line, HIH suggested that men with a considerable prostate enlargement consider the smaller tool (we now call it an SGX).   

    As Isvara points out, we each adopt Aneros practices to provide pleasure and/or therapy.  Each of us draws appreciation from different aspects of our practice.  My wants and needs are to improve my sense of self-esteem and sexuality, enhance my sexual encounters, reduce the quantity of bph medication needed to ensure free and easy urination and contribute to my sense of spirituality.

    My Uro classifies my prostate enlargement as "moderate to considerable" and quantifies my prostate size at 45-50 grams (about double that of 'normal').

    I find the SGX does a grand job on the lower half of my prostate while the Aneros Eupho and HIH PS-New stimulate the areas nearer my bladder neck.   The bulk of Helix tends to cause it to wander laterally yielding yet other sensations.  I'm OK with the Maximus and Vice but find the Progasm Classic a bit too bulky.

    I think the range of size and shapes of the HIH/Aneros prostate tools is sufficient so that most men can find a tool suitable for bph therapy and another better suited to delivery of pleasure or generation of orgasms.

    The pleasure aspects of one's Aneros practice were first reported by Brian  F. Mayfield and he refined the massage techniques that contributed to his first dry-orgasms.   I strongly recommend you read Brian's early posts and blogs to appreciate how the Aneros pioneers described their results and interacted with toy development to bring us to where we are today.

    enjoy ...  rook