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Back to basics: what's missing?
  • Used the Aneros for...nearly three years now! Really opened up my scope on what's pleasurable.

    However something's been on my mind for a while:
    Don't think I've felt pleasure from the p-tab, or the contractions with the Aneros - which seems to be the core of the driving force with pleasure and arousal. Before where I've made some discovery and breakthrough, it turned out to be something unrelated to the Aneros (usually related to imagery and focus), albeit still helpful in pleasure building. Pleasure still platues however.

    So what does it feel like to have the p-tab press and the anus contract? Nice, right? Because I get virtually no sensations from them. This is necessary for the 'feedback loop' which propels the experience, so I'm aware. Tried again and again with various exercises but I still just can't get any real sensations to develop from the p-tab and prostate. I want to think that it's just time and practice but get the impression there's something more to it.

    Figure that maybe knowing what it feels like might be able to swerve my lost ship in the right direction - what sort of subtle sensation I'm looking for it. Otherwise...maybe I'm just approaching this all wrong. Maybe it's not all about the p-tab and contractions.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    P-tab engagement for many men may actually be initially uncomfortable, hence the Aneros WIKI subsection Softening the P-tab The P-tab is designed to stimulate a man's 'sweet spot' -> from a B Mayfield post "To be clear the "Sweet Spot", as I call it, is not an intensely pleasurable area in and of itself, say like the head of your penis, or the clitoris for women. Touching this spot doesn't necessarily make for a spontaneous orgasm either. It is however an area that is essential for generating the "non-ejaculatory orgasm" or Super O. The "Sweet Spot" is the neural plexus, an area of convergence of a series of collateralizing sensory nerves, nerves that serve the penis anus and prostate."

    I don't derive pleasure from the P-tab action either but I recognize it's feedback loop action to perpetuate a stimulation cycle. Likewise, involuntary contractions of the anal sphincter muscles while in this feedback loop are not inherently pleasurable either, but they do contribute to the subtle movement of the Aneros in its massaging action stimulating the veil of Aphrodite which surrounds the prostate.

    The veil of Aphrodite is the complex fabric of nerves which tie in with other nerves of the sexual organs, these nerves are what give rise to pleasurable sensations when suitably stimulated.

    Your intuition is correct "'s not all about the p-tab and contractions."

    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,181
    I've never noticed that the p tab is even doing anything for me, though i still get plenty of pleasure.  In fact paying too much attention to what the aneros is actually doing tends to ruin things for me, instead i concentrate on the pleasure being derived from it all, and even sometimes that too tends to distract things.  Most O's for me come at a point when I would never expect it.  Best things happen for me when im in a dumb blissful stupor!
  • Interesting...thanks Rumel and Ineverknew!
    Didn't realise that there was no particular direct sensation to begin with! That's a relief.
    And taking on board advise from both, last night I just focused on sensations that was there and then. PC muscles felt good, so I just kept thinking about that. ...subtle sensations came! It really is a case of extinguishing anticipation and expectations, since they do mask the real pleasures and progression. (Makes me wonder how people have Super-Os again and again)

    Same here Ineverknew - the most surprising stuff in Aneros came out of no where, and it might be no coincidence that I didn't really feel in the mood or planned to have a session.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,181
    DarkEngine, Good to hear!  I'm at the point where If I insert the helix things start happen automatically.  It can be bouncing around, and fluttering like crazy but nothing O related happens, which is kinda frustrating for me, since everything its suppose to do, its doing but no O being generated.  But I feel the important thing is not really caring about what the helix is doing per say, but just sitting back and relaxing and enjoying the ride and feelings its generating, cause really if there is no O, its still very pleasureable and part of the journey that someday will lead to an O, or super O.  I guess in a nutshell its about enjoying the feelings you ARE getting and not in a hurry to reach the end of the journey per say, cause after reading someone else's post the other day, he's been using for like 8 yrs and still experiences new things.  Kinda exciting to think about.  :D
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Very thought-provoking post!  It's interesting how we mentally 'tap into' various points in the toy-prostate-neural-spine-brain feedback loop as we commence each Aneros session and expand our orgasmic energy.

    Dark Engine:  Perhaps your acute point of conscious focus may be displaced from where your brain and autonomic system is in best resonance < >.  You might be 'pulling' yourself away from being well tuned by overly focusing one set of sensory nerves to the exclusion of others.

    On the "motor side" of things though, you may be in a transition state moving from one form of involuntary muscle action into another that your unconscious finds more attractive (more on that further down this post).  I think I slipped through a similar physical transition during my "learning" of the Helix-syn.  That learning effort spanned nearly 4 months of intermittent use.  I perhaps erred in not making a clean-cut change to -syn but selfishness led me to hang onto the "firm tab" joys of Helix and Eupho.

    For me, there has been a slow, journey-long progression in my reactions to the p-tab.  I've been fortunate in that my journey started when the rigid p-tab design was in vogue.  I've ventured along as Aneros made the change in how the p-tab contributes to prostate, ano-rectal and perineal stimulation.

    At the outset of my journey the Helix p-tab was painful at worst and, at best, an annoying necessity.  Early-on, I followed Rumel's thoughts on tab-padding while my perineal musculature developed.  My tab experience paralleled that described above by Rumel.  Finally, pain no longer overwhelmed my pleasure from the p-tab and I started, "going bare."  That milestone, somewhere around my 6 month anniversary, supported a transition from getting just 'echoes' of my anal contractions to honest in-voluntary action, 'auto-thrusting' and fledgling mini-Os. With some formal relaxation and meditation training I was able to "fall-through" or "float" across the boundary into repeatable p-waves and orgasmic experiences.  Three months later I made the move to Eupho for orgasm and adopted a more "Eastern" approach to meditation and relaxation.  That approach made the p-tab "invisible" very early in the sessions. Co-incidentally I found that my PC muscle group had developed a small area of softness relaxation which I identify as my 'sweet spot.'  With that change the p-tab for either the Helix or Eupho now buries itself into that depression in my Perineum.

    Last September I started having sessions with a Helix-syn.  The p-tab on my -syn is so flexible that it usually turns sideways and has sufficient springiness that it's no longer a firm pivot point for the -syn.  My initial reaction was, "how can this thing work?" The driving force for my -syn has developed into a peristaltic action which "massages" the body of the -syn so that the minuscule motions of the -syn are longitudinal and there's little or no 'pivot' action.  I feel the oscillating muscle force faintly rippling along the -syn and stimulating my prostate.  There is little-to-no sense of the toy being inside me.  Aside from an occasional entanglement with a small hair I don't sense the p-tab or abutment.  There seems to be no significant anal sphincter action and if I touch the abutment arm there seems to be less than a millimeter of toy movement for each rectal wave.

    Reflecting back on the last three years, I seem to have evolved and am 'wired' with two or three modes of in-voluntaries.  The two extremes are a "pivot action" for the Classic Helix with its firm p-tab and a "peristaltic mode" for the Helix -syn with it's springy forward arm and 'squishy' tab.  Somewhere in between lies Eupho with a nice mix of actions, mostly rectally driven but with some p-tab influence.   I think my two years of sessions with the Eupho provided a transitional period wherein the neuro-wiring strengthened rectal peristalsis.  

    I would hazard that men who begin their journey with the Helix-syn may start with "pivot" action, driven by voluntary sphincter contractions but will soon make the transition to subtle rectal peristalsis as the driving force. That transition might be earlier for men who can readily achieve PC relaxation so that the autonomic responses can overpower their voluntary action.

    Disclaimer:  Those of us who tend to destroy a session by analyzing it or picking it apart (and I'm quite able to sink into that mode when my meditation collapses) might do well to take a deep breath and allow our conscious to encompass the whole-body Gestalt of our energies and self-love. This, rather than getting tangled up in elements of the p-tab/prostate/ano-rectal complex.

  • Ineverknew & Rook: That's more or less spot on with where I am right now; both the involuntary contractions, p-tab and relaxation. Resonance is also a good point, Rook. In fact, last night's session made a point of this - I learnt how to switch my mind off and blank. This allowed pleasures to (finally) flow freely around, when accompanied by heavy, paced breathing.

    Without going into too much detail, it felt great. I didn't make a deal over the p-tab and contractions and as Ineverknew mentions, just let the sensations come and go as they wanted. Ironically they would not go away. The biggest contributor was literally going back to basics. Before when I'd feel something, I'd stimulate the nipples nonstop to amplify it, including the erection. This was a mistake as it masked the key subtle sensations. (granted, erections don't get in the way if nipples aren't involved) The other factor was ditching the imagery, electronic, paper or otherwise, as it directed my mind to the wrong things.

    Pleasure waves just came naturally - felt...amazing at times. The first session where I did not get bored of the Aneros (and only took it out when the prostate was aching too much) Thanks again for the advice.

  • Oh, by the way - and sorry for the double post, but p-tabs even on the Helix Syn are causing a lot of aching. Thought about going again tonight but it was too painful even after 30 mins and some toilet paper to pad.

    Is something amiss? Maybe I just need to take a few days break but even then, I've had issues with tabs ever since the night I awoke the prostate. (This thing really swells when aroused) Also might have a case of heammoroids - anus feels tight and excreting is pretty painful.

    Read someone before mentioning that abstaining for a while causes aches, and ejaculating empties things. Any advice nonetheless?
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,181
    i keep trying nipple stim too, but it never seems to get me anywhere except a raging hard on lol.  Its funny cause they just call out to me to be played with.  They are so sensitive.  As for the p tab, for me its kinda sensitive sometimes, and painful others.  Ive never messed with padding or anything.  Sometimes if you move the tab to one side slightly it helps too.  Seems like if its on your seam its the most annoying.  Why do we have a seam that runs up our balls anyways? LOL