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60 Second Long Pulsating Contractions!
  • Wow. Extraordinary!

    I just had an amazing 90 minute session in which my pretty much continuous contractions had died down 3 times for about 30 seconds each time, and I was thinking about calling it quits for the night. So I was laying there on my left side totally relaxed, and there were no contractions at all for about maybe 2 minutes, so I thought, Yeah, lets call it a night.
    But then some contractions started up and very, very, very quickly they started to go to maximum strength and they started coming fast and hard. Then they slowed down to about once a second for about 5 contractions.
    Then all of a sudden my anus starts clamping down HARD on that Helix continuously for AT LEAST a good 60 seconds.
    And I am being conservative here.
    And I can't stop it!
    And the whole time the contraction lasts, I can feel it pulsating about once a second with stronger contractions riding the main contraction! I can feel my prostate being squeezed with a pulsating sensation!
    These 60 second long contractions were only spaced about 1 second apart!
    I must have got hit by at least 8-10 of them!
    I think I was panting continuously in time with the pulsating contractions.Then all activity seemed to die away pretty quickly. So I hurried up and pulled that Helix out of there!
    I pretty much could not swallow at all until I worked up some saliva and drank some water.
    I was just about incapacitated while these were happening. I was so busy breathing I didn't have any chance to try to drink any water while it was happening!
    I was squeezing that pillow with my knees and hanging onto it for dear life!
    I still can't believe that it was possible for me to be squeezing myself that hard without getting squished!
    That was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Amazing really. I still can't get over it!
    Sitting here typing, after it's all over, it's hard to believe I was feeling what I was feeling!
    Did I say it felt AWESOME?