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Yoga Relaxation Method
  • After having yesterday a Chat with varmint, I decide to post my path to relaxation. I use it every time I do a session with Aneros.
    You can also use this technique outside the session, when you feel stressed or simply to find a bit of calm.

    First of all you should take your time, in a quite place, in dimmed light or in darkness.
    Shavasana is an asana, a pose (Corpse Pose). You can have a look at this picture to understand the right way... is really simple.

    Deep Relaxation
    While laid in Shavasana, concentrate on your breath. Feel how it is. And try to calm it using the Yogic Breathing Technique

    Start to slowly breathe from your nose, trying filling your belly at first then your chest and your shoulder take a pause, a couple of seconds and then exhale from the nose, slowly, taking your time to expel all of the air you inhale. First from your belly, then your chest and finally from your shoulders take a pause, a couple of seconds...

    The most important things is to do not apnea. Don't take long pause between every step of your cyclic breath and then repeat.

    Inhale slowly... pause... exhale slowly... pause the exhale phase should be a little longer than inhale. This should calm your breath, and the inhale/exhale phases should become longer duringe the practice.

    The Mind Part
    After you breath in this way for a minute or two, during the exhale phase gently close your eyes and imagine your body become heavier, starting from your left ankle, the left calf, left thigh, then your right ankle, calf, thigh.

    Imagine your left hand became heavier, left forearm, the entire left arm and left shoulder. Then the right side, hand, forearm, entire right arm and the shoulder.

    You should feel heavier, your back should be heavier, your neck should be heavier and your whole body now is heavier and also the head is heavier and the skin of your face becomes relaxed. Your jaw should be relaxed and not tight. Always breath, cyclically. Don’t stop doing that.

    Now your body is completely relaxed and heavy begins to sink into the ground, that welcomes and cuddle you.

    This should be a very soothing and relaxing feeling. During this phase, often you will fall asleep. it is normal, don’t worry about. Basically the concept is still to remain in a state that is somewhere between waking and sleeping.

    You should stay in this trance phase for a while. This relaxation method will give you a recharge. Is a sort of restorative sleeping... without sleeping.

    If you will not fall asleep: try now to imagine you emerge from a lake, slowly, the light will across your whole body. And your whole body now became lighter, and lighter...

    You can start to move your feet, your hands, your legs, your arms... slowly emerge from this deep relaxation.

    Your body now can move and you can stretch your whole body like when you wake up in the morning. And slowly you can take a sitting position... and during exhale you can gently open your eyes.

    This is what we do every time, at the end of our yoga class. I found that combining this technique of relaxation within Aneros Session is very, very pleasant. And it can drive you to another state of pleasure.

    It works for me.

  • @l17days - Thanks for the lesson.  Great way to kick off a session, nice and relaxed with mind clear.