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to much tension on the prostate
  • Hello ,

    I have a question about my pain problems. if i use te aneros then i have about 5 days after use pain in the prostate area, underneath my balls. So i think i will stop with it for a long time.

    I found out that without a aneros ,when i touch/rub my penis than my prostate makes a contraction .

    How much of u feel also a contraction when u simply touch  your penis?

    My excercise for now is to relax the prostate ,

     Thanks ..


  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777

    For starters, what model do you have?  Some models are more aggressive on the prostate.  The Progasm, Maximus, and Helix are considered more aggressive, with the MGX being next most agressive, the Eupho after that, and SGX coming in last, because it's designed for shorter people (<5' 6").  If you are shorter, maybe you should consider the SGX.  Or try the Peridise; they don't actually contact the prostate, they treat your hemorrhoids.

    It goes without saying that you shouldn't be manually moving the Aneros device.  It's supposed to be moved by your anal/rectal muscles.  If you're sitting on it, that can put too much pressure on the prostate as well.  Try standing/walking, laying on back (with knees bent upward), on side with knees bent, or stomach.  You can also try squatting, on all fours, or any variation of that theme.

    After closer scrutiny of your post, you mentioned that the pain in your prostate area, under your balls.  Is the P-tab biting in too hard?  The skin between your anus and balls would ache, on the surface and deeper, if that were the case.  That flat design has been a bugaboo for Aneros since they first designed them, but the newest models now have a spherical P-tab to distribute the pressure over a greater area.  If that's the case, try the new Helix Syn, or the Progasm Jr; they both have spherical P-tabs for greater comfort.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • Okay thanks for the repy Badger

    i have all of the aneros devices , buts that is not the point. 
    The point also is when i dont use a massager and i do kegels for a few minutes  i am also have pain after that. so i was wondering if there is to much tension in the prostate,  , and i was really wondering of other man also experiencing a light , or strong contraction when they touch there penis , without the aneros, .

    the pain i am expirencing starts of under my balls , but i do really feel it in my underlegs and foot. like when having a pain in the back and you feel it in your knees or hips.


    i hope i make myself clear


  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777

    It sound like a referral pain, maybe you have a prostate infection, but I deferr to the physicians on that.

    Then again, it could be just prostate congestion; I'd have a similar pain going down my leg from my left scrotum.  It usually occurred when I refrained from ejaculating for more than a couple of days apart.  Either some good old masterbating sessions, one after the other, or frequent sex with the wife, would clear it up, at least for a day or so.