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Progress as a new member.
  • Hello everyone,

    I've been lurking on the site now for over six months after my purchase of the Helix.  I finally made an account after a recent session that nearly proved fruitful.  I started out as most probably do with frustrations and expectations, but I quickly learned through the help of this community and multiple websites that I was rushing things.  Now after 20+ sessions I can tell things are only going to become more interesting.
    So I guess I'm posting to say hello as a new member, and to get advice about my most recent session.  

    I was very aroused and prepared for a quiet night in bed with my helix.  I inserted a few mLs of water based lube, prelubed the helix with copious amounts of KY Jelly (I've found extra lube is the key), and inserted.
    What was special about this session was that immediately after insertion while attempting to relax, my PC muscles started to contract, trying to grab the helix while it would slide back and forth.  The quivering and twiching felt incredible and i've never been able to feel anything so intense.  I got a rock hard erection and my glans was swollen and purple like never before.  I could feel something building really deep, and it felt exciting, erotic, and most of all DISTRACTING.  I was ready to start to feel the pleasure waves, and just as fast as it came, it left.  It lasted no more than 4-5 minutes.  I could feel precum right at the tip, so I tried some contractions and very light kegels, but the feeling left me.  After another hour of trying to get the feeling back I gave up and ended the session.

    This was last Wednesday, and I look forward to another session tomorrow after a week of abstaining and rest.

    -What did I experience?
    -What lube should I use?
    -Any advice from the community?

    Thank you so much for reading and responding, I look forward to becoming part of the website/community.

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210

    Im no expert but my opinion would be that early on things seem so exciting its really hard to remain calm and concentrate on the feelings your having let alone decipher them.  I know when I first started things would become so intense and then nothing, it was like, WHAT!? lol.  Its a big let down when nothing happens, but in my experience when your not paying any attention or chasing the feelings is when BAM! it will hit you.  I also found getting erections very distracting also, but as time goes on they will not bother you as much.  Sometimes i get them, sometimes not, just depends.  But even if I do get an erection it does'nt ruin everything for me like it used to.  I would say give it time, and enjoy the ride.  As for what you experienced, not really sure, maybe just p waves, maybe a mini O.  The feelings you will have are hard to nail down to any one term.  As for lube, you can search the forum, i personally use silicone lube from ID.  Many use natural oils, shea butter, or home-made lubes.  As long as it works, doesnt really matter. 
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Welcome!   Happy to have you join us, 

    It sounds like you've made some very good progress thus far.  With respect to what this was that you experienced, I would agree with ineverknew,  it sounds very much like some nice P-waves, or a mini-O. (Tickling sensation deep in the lower abdomen perhaps?)  With respect to your choice of lube, it appears like the KY jelly is working well for you, I'd say stay with it!   In regards to where you go from here...just stay with it!   I like the idea of putting some distance between sessions as you have done, this can often amp things up.   Keep exploring and remain open to everything that comes your way (this includes a lesser session if this should happen the next time around). 


    BF Mayfield

  • SmokeySmokey
    Posts: 21
    @avidhelix it sounds like you've had a really similar experience to what happened to me a session or two in. Have you had progress? What has happened?