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Using a toy.
  • Lately I have been having much more satisfaction from my Aneros, I Often change from the Eupho to the Syn and this is really great. Some time ago I bought a penis stimulator, the Cobra Libre from The Fun Factory. I found that it did little for me and got somewhat fed up with it. Well the other day I was having an Aneros session with the syn, and things were getting somewhat boring as happens from time to time. I suddenly remembered the Cobre Libre and got it out. It was charged and ready to go. I kept the Aneros in and lay on my back. Penis very limp now and I pushed it into the toy and switched it on. The vibrations started.. I did a little contraction and held it. My penis began to rise and surge with pleasure. I stopped and waited until it subdued and then began again. OMG it rose up again and I felt the onset of  ejaculation coming. I was getting the pumping action now with no semen. I stopped again and waited a little. Then I went for it. The final time was out of this world. The penis rose up again stiffening more and more. I felt the pumping action starting again and didn't stop. The orgasm came up from the depths of my body and the pumping became urgent and powerful and to my utter delight, semen flowed out. I just lay there in a state of happy bliss. I will not make a habit of this as I don't want to become un-wired from the Aneros. Hope this makes sense.