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The importance of breathing
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    I have taken a few weeks off from having sessions. During this down time I have watched a few youtube videos on yoga and relaxation techniques thinking that it might be beneficial for my quest to reach the super-O. I have read* quite a few* posts in the last month on the "My Best Super-O and How I Did It " thread that put some emphasis  on breathing during a session too. 
    I'm a bit of a chest breather and by nature a stress head. In my last few sessions I've consciously made an effort to practice abdominal breathing, this has help me to feel a lot more relaxed and get deeper into a trance like state adding to the pleasure. I've lasted a lot longer doing this too. I'm also getting the odd small p-wave whilst practicing this type of breathing without my helix in.
    Hope someone finds this minor breakthrough helpful.
    *eeek! sorry for the dyslexic typos...I think I've corrected all of them, thanks
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    i think its important to try new things if your having dud sessions.  i just got done with a long streak of dud sessions, though mine was more stress/depression related.  its amazing how much the mind can affect things.  Ive tried belly breathing myself but never found it much productive, but I will say when things get intense remaining calm and breathing deeply and regulated can help immensely.