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Sharing aneros session in video chat
  • Hello everyone. I am 23 and pretty new to aneros. While I have not had my first super orgasm, I had involuntary whole body spasms and pleasurable waves. I chatted with some buddies in chat room who are interested in sharing aneros session in video chat. Last week I finally had a session with one of those buddies. It turned out to be a awesome session I will never forget. Luckily the buddy I had the session with is experienced and he helped me a lot on achieving better sessions (Thank you Brian).

    Sharing a session together in a video chat surprisily enhanced my session so much. I have uncontrollable crazy leg and torso spasms and cannot help moaning. My experienced friend was able to achieve Calm Seas pretty quickly after our session started. First time ever in my life I saw a person having such a euphoric time, LIVE! I was feeling his body spasms, moaning and screaming... It was so exciting I sort of feel the resonance of energy. I had a so incredible session that in fact it it like a breaking point because first time ever at some point I wanted to scream!

    Seeing a male body naked and having orgasm may seem homo to some guys but I saw the energy resonance more than anything else.

    Hope you enjoyed reading my story.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
  • That's you brine. Thanks Brian.
  • cj187cj187
    Posts: 68
    I agree, those types of session can be incredible
  • Very cool. Newbie here who would like to participate and learn a thing or two. How did you find guys to participate?