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Aneros rewiring even while sick!
  • Hi guys,

    Washington, DC, USA, where I live, for the last several weeks has had the coldest stretch of weather we have had in four years! Of course, thrown into such extreme cold weather we have had some days of warm, springlike weather. Such variable weather is the perfect recipe for colds and/or the flu.

    Needless to say, early last Saturday morning, I had one of the best Aneros sessions ever. However that was the day that I came down with a chill which developed into a scratchy sore throat and worsened last Sunday by my attendance at a church campus without much heat. By Monday I was laid low with a bad cold, a sore throat, and chills. I may have gotten a mild form of the flu. So since Saturday a week ago, I wasn't able to have an Aneros session because of my illness.

    Yet, Aneros rewiring continued. My awakened prostate continue to purr and vibrate as a car engine in idle. I found all this reassuring that all this happened during my sickness the last six days. However I am looking forward to resuming my Aneros sessions early tomorrow morning Saturday!

    Take care,

  • Hope it goes ok, last time I was sick anerosing went bad for a while. :-&
  • Hi @braveneworld,

    I would like to thank you for your concern. I resumed my Aneros sessions early Saturday morning Februrary 2. I was relieved that I had not lost much progress with the Aneros during a week away from Anerosing. In fact, fondness for someone beloved absent grows. This is certainly true with the Aneros!

  • @BigGlandsDC once you have got it you wont loose it. Its like riding a bike.

    I am still learning the progasm Ice I swear it is getting bigger =))
    some good session some amazing......