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I think I may have been having the male version of squirting when I was 12 or 13? (first started)
  • So, I was reading the threads that talk about the male version of female squirting and think i have actually had them at an early age when I first began masturbating and found it incredibly interesting. (It hasnt happened since but I used to be able to often)

    This is going to sound very strange but before I began doing manual hand masturbation I would use the shower head and let water from the massager shoot into the head of my urethra (being shrimped with water almost) and would do this for some time and a sensation would build almost like i had to pee but with more pleasure. then when the timing felt right I would aim the vibrating water at the front of my penis directly below the head and massage the top of my penis with the palm of my hands rapidly. If everything went as planned clear liquid would shoot out for long periods of time feeling like I was peeing myself but much more pleasurable. I used to do it often but havent tried reproducing it since i was around 13 and began using my hands for a regular ejaculation.

    Does it sound like I found male squirting early?

    Im curious if others have had anything like this happen.