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Should i try the SGX instead?
  • DesmonDesmon
    Posts: 15
    I used helix massager for 2 months and i've been feeling very interesting sensations, but i've had problems as well... as i've been talking on previous posts i've been stuck with moderate to severe soreness after every session, with frequent urge to urinate. I also noticed that very slight contractions are much more effective than stronger ones (but i still have pain after use). Maybe this model doesn't fit my anatomy and causes excessive pressure on prostate and/or bladder irritation due to its lenght... it's just a supposition, but i wondering if i should change to the smaller model. I'm 172 cm (5,64 feet) tall.
    It's just that aneros tools are not cheap, then i need an expert's judge before to spend money.
  • DesmonDesmon
    Posts: 15
    By the way i'm going to have a medical check for prostate health...

  • Hi Desmon. You remind me of myself when I started my journey. I thought my MGX was too short, so I bought the Helix and a bit later the Progasm.
    When I used the Progasm it felt good as I tried to stay with the guide using low to mid level contractions. But stronger contractions let to even stronger feelings.
    Sometimes after a session I had a feeling like internal pressure. I don't know how to describe it, but it didnt feel like its something supposed to be there.

    I've practiced 2-4 times a week and started to limit my sessions to 1,5h max. I managed to get sensations even without contractions, low contractions can lead to a build up. But I didn't get further than that yet.
    Sometimes I get that bad feeling afterwards, I guess it has something to do with "overdoing it". Too long sessions and/or too long working with strong contractions may cause it.

    That was about a year ago. I learned that I should have been more patient because my prostate got more sensitive over time. My Progasm is almost too much for me and leeds quicker to that "worn out" feeling.
    I love the Helix but I still try to use every one of them because every model feels different.

    I don't know if that will help you.  I am definitely not an expert, but I thought I'd share my experiences with you.
    English is not my native language so please don't be too hard with me if something isn't correctly written.
  • DesmonDesmon
    Posts: 15
    Don't worry, i'm non-english native language too :-)
    You talk about "internal pressure" or kind of generic discomfort after sessions. But what i feel is a sharp pain and a constant sense of urge, definitely something to be concerned about. It lasts almost 2 days and i recently noticed i get slightly sore after ejaculation even 4-5 days later. It may be related to overdoing since i used to have sessions every 2-3 days and each one lasted around 3h.
    I stopped it while waiting for the check up. I hope i had no prostate damage...
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I'm very sorry to hear you have encountered pain following your Anerosessions, this is NOT a normal condition and I hope your urological examination can reveal a treatable situation.

    I agree you are probably over stressing your body with 3 hour sessions every other day, this combined with strong contractions could certainly produce muscle discomfort lasting longer than a day. I doubt you have suffered any lasting prostate damage but you could have caused some bruising of the organ tissue which may require some extended rest period to recover and heal.

    Please be open and frank when speaking with your doctor about your use of the Aneros massager and follow his recommendations.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image