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Progasm Help
  • So I just got my Progasm in the mail yesterday, and I've searched all over the forum but can't find any help for my problem. I can't the damn thing to go in all the way. I can get past the first bulb, the second half just can't seem to go in. I'm relaxed and have cleaned with warm water prior to relax my muscles. I relaxed laying down yesterday and eventually sat up against the wall and the Progasm did finally slide itself all the way in...but I've been having trouble with it falling out, too.

    Any help?
  • Hi @lawlipop726,

    The Progasm is the largest Aneros model, actually suitable to experienced Aneros users or those who have been accustomed to anal play. Hence it is difficult to insert the first few times even for experienced users.

    Can you tell us if you have the Progasm Classic or the Progasm Ice?

    Progasm Ice has a sleeker feel and hence is easier to insert than the Progasm Classic. Also a regimen of Kegel Exercises will enable you to work with the Progasm better.

    Also you may want to use a smaller model, such as Helix Syn or Helix Classic or MGX. They will insert you easily and prepare you for larger models, such as Maximus or Progasm. That is what I did during my initial seven months sessions with the Aneros. The smaller models prepared me for both the Maximus and Progasm.

    Finally, study the Aneros Wiki. It is chock full with much helpful information.

    Take care,

  • Thanks. Yeah I have the Progasm Ice, and I've used the Helix prior for a little over a year now. I've read the Aneros Wiki a lot too, but just wanted a bit more help because it was frustrating (but it was my first time w/ the Progasm, so maybe that was a reason as well).
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @lawlipop726 - Sometimes fecal matter can get in the way of the Progasm, so you may want to consider doing a brief rectal rinse:

    If you are not doing so already, make sure you are pre-lubricating:

    Once you've got the first hump in, the tip of the Progasm can easily get caught off to the side of the inner anal sphincter, and also before the prostate. The solution is to gently rock the handle back and forth in relation to the front and back side of your body as you gently push in.