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Would you consider your Aneros sessions a type of Yoga?
  • Hi guys,

    Although I have been working with the Aneros since early last June, early last fall when I began with the Progasm models, I settled upon having a determined schedule of Aneros sessions three to four times a week, usually just after I wake up in the morning. That is when I began experiencing a greater confidence and verve with all my Aneros models, and I must say lots of pleasure! Since I am "retired" I have the luxury of having fairly long, leisurely sessions. My sessions last on the average two to four hours. Also my preferred position has been for me to lie on my back with my butt on a folded pillow. See my blog for more details.

    Some guys have told us on our forum that they use the Aneros when doing Yoga. I found that very interesting. A year ago, I took several months classes in Kundalini Yoga. The first couple months were devoted to chair yoga, doing mostly breathing exercises, simple stretch exercises, and meditation in a chair. I prefer chair yoga. The last several months were devoted to Yoga using more strenuous Asanas on a mat. That is the yoga familiar to most people, essentially Hatha Yoga. Unfortunately I suffered an injury during a strenuous Asana which brought my participation in the classes to an abrupt end.

    However, in my working with the Aneros, various types of breathing and anal contractions are required. The Kegel Exercises are also helpful for developing control and strength in working confidently with the various Aneros models. In the last several months, especially recently, I have become so relaxed in my sessions so that my control in working with the Aneros has brought me to the verge of some amazing happenings. I have developed what I call Aneros Autopilot in that I let my body take over and let my Aneros models deliver Aneros autof**k strokes of various rapidity (long and short) and penetration (shallow and deep). I have described all this in detail in my blog.

    So in the wake of what I have written, would you consider your Aneros sessions a type of Yoga?

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    I have, on numerous occasions, thought of my Aneros & KSMO practice sessions as erotic meditations, so in that sense they are following a path closely attuned to some of the varied yoga disciplines.

    It is possible, with further refinement, Aneros practice could develop into its own unique form of yoga by borrowing and adapting techniques from other systems of meditation such as Tantra and Buddhism as well as Hatha yoga.

    We already have a beginning The Tao of Aneros

    • Orgasmic success is inversely proportional to one's level of expectation.
    • Orgasmic success is proportional to one's level of arousal.
    • Orgasmic success can not be forced or coerced to occur.
    • Orgasmic success is proportional to the level of mind/body relaxation.
    • Orgasmic success can begin anywhere along the erotic spectrum.
    • Orgasmic success is the gift of awakened body/mind energies.
    • Orgasmic success can be triggered or amplified by multiple stimuli.
    • Orgasmic success is dependent on trust in body and mind.
    • Orgasmic success is proportional to internal body language receptiveness.
    • Orgasmic success is affected by all life choice practices.
    • Orgasmic success is proportional to one's level of patience.
    • Orgasmic success is achieved following your own unique path.

    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • Hi @rumel, with the Ancient Egyptian all-seeing eye, :)

    I thank you for quoting to me, The Tao of Aneros. I will study it and try to keep it in mind.

    I come to my Aneros sessions, not expecting a Super-O or other Aneros blessings. This I know. I come to my sessions with the Aneros with anticipation and eagerness because I know they will be enjoyable and pleasurable. Indeed most of them are! But each session is unique and has something to teach me.

    Also I have gotten to the point that many of my sessions are worshipful, uplifting, and self-affirming. The Super-O and other blessings will come of their own accord in their own time.


  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    I think this is fascinating and thanks must go to Thom and to Rumel for bringing this up.

    I am interested in this not only for its implications for aneros use, but also as a guide to better sex.

    My aneros use has made me think on this much more.  The "Tao of Aneros" list seems to sum up elegantly how I feel about this.  BUT - here's the thing, although my thoughts had not been so well brought together, I have felt for a long time that the most fulfilling sex would be that which took a similar approach to my aneros sessions. All the things on that list are arguably best for sex too, although it is with sadness that I see that many are not comprehended or are ignored by a lot of my gay compatriots, and perhaps the straight ones too?


    Perhaps the biggest problem for many people, is that most think that orgasmic success in sex CAN BE forced or coerced to occur, although the amount of sexual dysfunction, particularly porn-induced SD, does show up the flaws in this belief.  The number of couples where sex declines or becomes absent is perhaps another.  I think we go through puberty, have boundless sexual energy, and learn early that we can force ejaculation (and most often orgasm).  The rest of life then seems a slow realisation that this is not a sustainable path for the rest of one's life, and even if one manages to continue to FORCE orgasm, then it is not the most fulfilling route either.

    "Orgasmic success is inversely proportional to one's level of expectation" - is something we don't all intuitively understand, largely because sexual motivation often depends on the degree of horniness, and the expectation/anticipation that this can often generate.  When sex and aneros sessions are both AGENDA-LESS, I have found the most profound experiences occur.  Ironically for me, it is other people's expectations that often kill off a good session.  In sex for me, it is all about the connection you have with the other person - being able to sense what turns them on, and makes them quiver with excitement - it is all about getting to know them, in a similar way that successful aneros use to a large degree, is about getting to know yourself.

    I suppose I am getting around to asking whether success with the aneros (using the principle outlined by Thom and Rumel), has made other guys better lovers, or whether it has highlighted why they are already better lovers? IS there really a set of common principles that we can use to guide aneros use AND sex?
  • l17daysl17days
    Posts: 18
    Thank you Thom and Rumel.

    I would like to give my contribution to this discussion, trying to compare the way and the progress I have made ​​during the use of Aneros and my yoga classes, which began in 2010.

    I started using my first Aneros (SGX) a few months before starting to practice yoga, and the first sessions with SGX were interesting but not particularly successful: I did not know exactly how to breathe, how to make contractions and where exactly to apply them, i did not know how to focus and mentally visualize the signals that my body issued during the session.

    A few months later
    I started Yoga (Hatha). The first lesson was mainly concentrated on breathing and understanding of our body through relaxation (Savasana).
    It is here that I learned the Yogic Breath (or Cyclical). Learn this technique resulted in a benefit during the sessions with Aneros.

    During these two years I have learned so deepened and then I applied these techniques during the sessions, with great benefits. In particular, I understood how to focus the signals my body was sending: center a part of the body and with the mind imagine that it has a form, a color, a movement, a rotation or a pulsation.

    What I found just in the last months is that I can bring Yoga and Aneros Techniques out of their context and apply it to sexual intercourse with the partner, with a high benefit. What happend to me: I learn to slow down all during intercourse and let everything happend, without expectation.

    So I can say that in my case the two practices work synergistically, one helps the other. And intertwine multiple times, also overlapping.

    We could almost forge a new type of yoga: Aneros Yoga!
    But perhaps too bold!