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Progasm Black Ice: First Impressions
  • Hi guys,

    I believe that my much anticipated Progasm black ICE arrived Monday a week ago in just three days flat from! Kudos to terrific service from the people who operate sales at our web site!!! He has that shiny black sheen and hence is closely related to his brother, Progasm ICE which is clear through and through as glass and has as its signature a large bubble in the device.

    I began using both Progasm ICE and Progasm Classic early last fall and in probably two months or so became adept in using both models. Both Progasm models have been perhaps my very best buddies in Anerosing and mainstays in all my sessions. Maximus is close behind. Yet I am also fond of Helix Syn and Helix Classic and how they in their distinctive ways love me up!

    With Progasm black ICE it was love at first sight and sensation when I inserted him Wednesday morning a week ago. He inserted so easily and pleasurably. He took like a duck to water in my Anerosing. In terms of Anerosing with both Progasm ICE and Progasm black ICE, there is hardly any difference. Both move so easily as they give both my anal musculature and prostate the "fullest" massage possible. I just love their girth too. Certainly extra virgin olive oil which I use now in my sessions, has enhanced many fold the tactile pleasure I receive from my now "three" Progasm models!

    Progasm Classic, on the other hand, requires more strength and traction from your anal muscles and sphincters to work well. This model, I have found, is perfect for developing strength for the Kegel Exercises which in turn enable you to work with this big bruiser with increasing confidence and verve. Also the Progasm has given me a greater appreciation of the smaller Aneros models. I just love how all the models on my Aneros Team complement each other! See my blog for more details.

    So in conclusion, I give Progasm Black ICE five BIG stars!!! He's absolutely adorable!


  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @BigGlansDC What! Both progasm ice and progasm black ice feel the same!

    I could of told you that!

    Oh thats right I did ;) haha.

    I am glad your new black stallion Is rocking your world.

    Remember to watch out for the hooves, they leave nasty marks!