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Pain in my balls
  • Malmo1Malmo1
    Posts: 22
    Hi guys.

    Well time for a new thread, I'm abut worried and was wondering if this is normal.
    My session have up and downs. I believe that is normal. But the last two weeks has been very strange. I have had 6-7 days between my sessions cause I felt pain in my prostate, like I've been stung by a bee or something. First it feels good and then bam, damn what was that and that is a killer to the session. So a longer pause between the session. But again it is the same thing, feels good, bam... What the hell, did I put a bee up in my behind.

    Well the last two sessions has been very awkward. It doesn't feel good, I get "stung" and my left ball hurts like hell. So I tried a session without the aneros inside. The same thing, I get pain in my balls, my prostrate get swollen and precum drips. First it feels good in my prostate, it transfers to my scrotum and dick. But then my balls start to ache and feel pain in my balls.

    So is this just a stage or I need to get worried? Anyone else that have had the same problem? Cause pain is not what I desire to have in a session.
    Please respond if you like.

  • Hi Malmo,

    It is good that you are listening to your body. The Aneros will do that for you as well. That has been my experience.

    The Aneros Wiki advises us to pay attention to our bodies. If we feel pain during a session, it is an indication that we should end a session. That word of advice I have followed closely ever since I began my Aneros sessions in early June 2012. Also if I feel fatigue while Anerosing, I will bring the session to an end. I have found that fatigue or tiredness takes away pleasure from a session. So it is better to end a session from pain and fatigue rather than suffer serious injury.

    If you are suffering persistent testicular pain or prostate from using the Aneros, you may take some days off from the Aneros. You may want to consult your doctor as well.

    Perhaps more experienced Aneros users can give their insights to what you are suffering right now.

  • Malmo1Malmo1
    Posts: 22
    Hi BigGlans.

    Im gonna explain some more strange behavior.

    When im going to sleep and is relaxed and breath normal I start to feel my prostate get swollen. Im not aroused and dont get aroused cause im tired and want to sleep. Instead it breaks my need to sleep wich is so annoying. It doesnt matter if im really tired it breaks it and all I want to is sleep. I dont get awak and feel like im not tired, I am still really tired. So I have to change position to let the tension loose down there and I dont feel the prostate so much. But as soon as I get in comfort and trying to sleep I feel my prostate start to swell again. So I have to put my hand on my dick or scrotum and have it there to distract what is happening. This is so annoying. I just want it to stop. It feels like I cant stop this to happen. All I want is to have a break and power up instead, but if this happens automatic, what am I suppose to do. I dont think this is a rewind cause I started early November and I know how the feeling is the day after, tingeling, small waves, im alive down there, precum drippes from time to time. This is not it.

    With an anerosless session I can easily start my prostate to swell. I think on my past good sessions and breath and I feel my prostate swell and precum is on its way. I can do this when im not aroused and I think that is the problem when im trying to sleep. Almost like it is a mechanical reaction and not an emotional reaction.

    I dont know if this is causing the problems with the pain.

    Since I have a slipped disc I talked to my doctor about kegel exercise if that can interupt and causing pain in my back or strange behaviors in my lower areas as my spinchter, pc muscle etc. To make a long answer short the answer was no.

    It buggers me, I simply cant relax :-(
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Hi @malmo cant answer for your pain but can answer for your trying to sleep problem.
    I suffer the same thing. Its been nine months now and has not gone away but is getting less and easier to ignore.
    My sessions are done on my side so to go to sleep I have to lay on my front or back.
    The feelings are less but still there.:(

    If you have a night where nothing works and you cant sleep i have found the only thing that works is have a good wank. Ejaculating makes you want to sleep afterwards.

    As soon as i lay in bed on my side my body wants the aneros without fail. (its a pain in the ass in some ways)
    I am lucky I dont work, if you are I can only imagine how tired you are getting!
    Hope this helps you. I feel your anguish. 
  • The only pain in my balls I ever felt after starting aneros use was the "blue balls" (vasocongestion) from simply being too aroused and going too many days without a traditional ejaculation.  It's painful and unpleasant, but treating yourself to a good ejaculation every few days should keep it at bay.  Personally, my threshold seems to be 5-8 days before i'll start feeling pain.
  • @AllInTheMind:
    cant imagine, not ejaculating for too long can cause pain. the testicles and glands dont overproduce - old semen and fluid is recycled and they level out at your maxumum amount.
    i was abstinent the whole nov last year and didnt have a problem at all.
  • Everyone's bodies are different.  It is real, and does happen to me at least.  Heres a link for more technical info

    from there you can proceed to google "blue balls/testicular vasocongestion/epididymal hypertension for more information regarding the subject.
  • Malmo1Malmo1
    Posts: 22
    Guys. thanks for the answers.

    Actually im ejaculating once a day, sometimes it goes 2 days before I ejaculate. But no matter if I ejaculate once a day or let it go 2 - 3 days between the ejaculation, the pain in my balls is still there when it comes to a session.

  • I just posted on here about my blue ball experience. It seems I need to ejaculate after a session to stop this, as soon as i do the pain goes.