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(i am new) no sensations whatsoever? HELP?!
  • hello aneros users, 

    i am all new to the aneros experience and i wonder weather i am not able to have any prostate pleasure...
    (i am a 20 jear old european male and around 6 foot tall, 183cm to be more accurate) and i have an aneros helix syn. i thought it would be the best one for me since it's the "all new and improved version" when i use my aneros i am quite sure of using it properly, i cleanse my bowels and use lubrication. the aneros is absolutely free to move and shake its way around. haha (and the perinium tab is free of lube and in good contact with my perinium)

    my problem:
    when i insert my aneros i get an erection but this fall away as i relax, when i use my muscles to initiate the aneros i can feel it sliding up and forward as it is supposed to do.  i have prostate liquid coming out of my penis, yet no pleasure or good sensations arise... is there something wrong?

    my question:
    am i perhaps insensitive to prostate stimulation? and if not, would anyone please help me identify what i am doing wrong and/or what sensations i am missing/looking for? 

    note: i have had about 9 sessions so far and i would like some help now...

    thanks for your effort of reading this and i wish you all the joy and sexual happiness! 
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782 - I think you are doing fine. You are just still early on in your practice. Some guys don't start to develop sensations, let alone pleasurable sensations until they've been practicing for a much longer time. Give it time and regular practice. The only thing I might question is if your are making sure to stay aroused during your sessions?
  • Zipper,
    You're not doing anything wrong. You're on a journey of self-discovery and this is new territory for your body and brain.

    As a younger guy you may feel an erection is necssary to achieve Aneros Super O success. While being arouused is necessary, having an erection does not have to be a component of that arousal. You can be sexually aroused or horny without gettting hard. You can also achive a Super O without being hard. Now, I will lgrant you that my sessions with erections are great and I enjoy them but I also continue to enjoy them as my penis cycles through stages of being hard, getting soft, then getting hard again. This is all part of the process.

    As Love_is indicates, it takes time to have your brain respond to these new sensations from direct prostate stimulation, especially if it's new to you, which is why the term "rewired" has been popularized here. It's as much about training the brain and having new pleasure circuits form there as it is about enjoying the sexual pleasure coming from areas of the body directly stimulated by the Aneros.

    A couple of suggestions to speed you on your way:
    1. Suspend your expectations. Approach each session with an open mind to just enjoy the journey, almost as if you were an outside observer, noting each new sein a somewhat detached, curious observer mode... not rushing toward any particular event.
    2. Many guys recommend abstaining from ejaculation for several days prior to a session to ramp up their arousal and increase the sensitivity of the prostate and other internal sexual apparatus.
    3. Abstain from traditional penis-centered masturbation during your Aneros sessions so the focus can remain on the prostate, anus, rectum and perineum areas.
    4. Discover your nipples...many guys also report that their nipples come alive through Aneros use and gently stimulating their nipples also can make their prostates jump into action. I find this to be the case.
    5. Conduct several sessions in a row...go for an hour, pause for an hour or two and do something else, then return to conduct another session. When I do this, I always find session #2 is far better than the first one.
    6. I find warming the Aneros in some body temp water helps speed up relaxation and get a session going well. I also use some lube inside and warm that as well.

    Those are my main tips.

    In any case, rest assured, it's a journey of discovery worth taking and you will enjoy the ride in due time.