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It's a different experience every time
  • I'm relatively new at using a prostate massager. Ever since I received my aneros helix (12/17/2012) I've been using it regularly (about three times a week) and every time is different. Because of these mixed results I thought I might put them here, to kind of document the journey.

    The First Week,
    Its was probably a typical first week like many others had gone through. It seemed very odd to me. what should I be focused on? what should I be feeling?how do I prevent myself from jerking off? I didn't receive any involuntary contraction that first week, but I did feel some sensation growing every now and again that would swell up to something that felt like a potential orgasm, but would dissipate. This little device showed me it had potential, I just need to give it time and try different things.

    The Second Week,
    This week continued on like the first. I kept feeling the occasional onset of an orgasm which faded away. This always frustrates me. How do you push yourself over the edge? Why all this build up with no reward? I shouldn't complain, I'm new at this and there are others who have been at it longer then I. Still I continued and later in that week a, few days before new years, It happened. How it happened I don't know, but it was amazing. Nothing comes close to it. It all happened fast though and it was over. I already made a post about it here(, but I didn't want it to end. If it was a super O than people say that you can have one after another. I experienced something great for a moment and now I know what this thing is capable of.

  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,098
    Hi @brokenfuse you mention that you want to keep a record as such of your journey.
    There is a blog section for doing just that at the following link.
    Please feel free to use it if you like.

    Glad to see your getting some results. The helix really is a good all rounder.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I think I will use those blogs to document everything.

    I was wondering if there is a reason why some people decide to use multiple devices in their sessions. I was thinking about maybe getting something bigger, but I feel like if i get results with the helix why bother with something else. Do you have any advice on that?
  • Hi @brokenfuse,

    Welcome to Aneros Forum! By all means if you have the time, blog about your Aneros sessions on Aneros blogs. You'll have a record your Aneros experiences and progress, and we can see for ourselves.

    I agree with @braveneworld. Helix is a good model to start Anerosing with. The Helix Classic provides a direct and in a way, an aggressive prostate massage. Helix Syn, which is the newest Aneros model, has a silicone overlay gives a softer, yet direct prostate massage.

    I started out with Helix Syn because I had no experience with anal play and prostate massage. But after a month of working with Helix Syn, wanted a larger model, the Maximus which serves me well. Then I moved on with Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic which are the largest Aneros models in length and girth. I like to spend large blocks of time with these two models.

    Since then I have being using Helix Classic alot, and to a lesser extent, Eupho and MGX.

    I like to sandwich smaller Aneros models in between the larger models. With that type of arrangement, I can experience various nuances of Aneros sensations. To be able to use multiple devices in session requires large blocks of time, say two to three hours, even more. But if I am strapped for time, I may use just one or two models. But when I Aneros, I look to go with the flow. For me, that is better and produces lots of pleasure!

    Hope this helps.


  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,098
    @brokenfuse Just a note to clarify @BigGlansDC comments on sandwiching aneros models.
    He means one after the other not all in his butt at the same time! At least we hope so =))

    Being a beginner I would suggest you only need your helix for a while.
    Although it is up to you.
    You are trying to retrain your pc and butt muscles as well as your brain.
    You want your bum to learn the clickty click massage motion.
    If you throw all different shapes at it at once then your brain and muscles will have a harder time of it learning this new action.
    All this time your brain is learning that the sensations against your prostate are pleasurable.
    I only used my helix for many months I think about 5 or 6 and I was using the aneros almost every day.
    Thats a lot of hours Most would call it a very intense introduction.
    I have been in bed for well over a year due to injury and this is why I put a lot of time into it.

    The helix is great for starting, it is mid size and aggressive so teaches you quickly IMHO.
    Once I got my skills happening and was getting good pleasure constantly I bought the eupho because it is the smallest.
    Being the smallest it moves more and in some cases more quickly so it creates more pleasure.
    But only if your muscles know what to do with it!
    It got to a stage when at about 8 months I think that the helix  stopped doing it for me for some reason so I got the eupho and that worked for a month and now still one works and the other does not so I switch between them as my body tells me what it wants.

    I have always wanted to try the biggest one so now have bought the Progasm ice. When it arrives I will see what it has to offer but I suspect it will put more pressure on my prostate, and now that it is trained and awakened that will feel great.

    If you want you can be a slut like BigGlansDC but the long term gurus of this forum recommend against it.
    Theres always one that likes to show of isnt there BigGlansDC ;)
    Whatever you decide there is no wrong way or right way, just what ever floats your boat!
  • Thanks, I'll stick with the helix for now because it is really doing it for me. I'm not afraid of size and I keep looking at the Progasm, I might cave in and buy one soon.

    Also I don't think there is anything wrong with what BigGlansDC is doing. If I keep this up I may become a slut to, lol.