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Taken by Surprise
  • Hello, I'm a new aneros user. I picked up a helix right before Christmas as a gift to myself :) I've been using it every few days. Some people on here recommend deep breathing and slight contraction during use, and some recommend doing nothing. I'm still trying anything on here that can help me re-experience a session I had a week ago.

    I've usually practice lightly contracting my kegel muscles during a session, but this usually just leads me to "edging". Last week I did the same as I had done in the past, but about two hours in I kind of gave up and was starting to fall asleep. I turned to my side almost on my belly and my eye were nearly shut as I was about to doze off. A few minutes later something grabbed my attention. My kegel muscles just kind of took over on there own and I felt a feeling growing on my prostate. As it grew I decided to clench and release my butt checks together which after about three time clenching started a reaction I wasn't prepared for. It definitely felt like a prostate orgasm, or at least that's the closest I can to describing it, my whole body bucked and convulsed on my bed uncontrollably. As this was happening my penis got rock hard and I without touch it I came. From there things quickly subsided and I was more focused on cleaning up my mess so I didn't get to see if there was anything more to come.

     I don't know if this was the much talked about "Super O", But it was the most incredible feeling I had ever had. I didn't know that I could lose all control over my body like that, and have such an intense feeling. I'll I want now is for it to happen again every night :)
  • rumelrumel
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    Welcome to the Aneros Forums and congratulations on the sudden Super-O!

    Your statement "... I kind of gave up and was starting to fall asleep." illustrates a couple of important aspects of Aneros practice. Relaxation and release of ego control are two attributes to this practice which differ markedly from traditional masturbatory behavior.

    As I see it your sessions with the kegel calisthenics effectively warmed you up and got your body primed to show you just what kind of pleasure it is capable of producing, but it is only when you relaxed and released the conscious control that your body then took the lead down the orgasmic pleasure path.

    "... it was the most incredible feeling I had ever had."
    HappyYou've joined a group of men who are all pursuing a repeat of that same event. Just be aware that the conditions need to be right for the elements to all come together for these wonderful events to occur. You are probably not going to be able to achieve Super-O's in every Anerosession, nor will you be able to force them to occur as you can a traditional penile based ejaculatory orgasm. So please don't get frustrated at this apparent lack of success, your sessions will be rich and rewarding with pleasure even when not having Super-O's as you learn to attune yourself to your body's sensual language.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image

    P.S. I sent you an introductory PM with some additional hints and tips to get you started here.
  • Thanks for the welcome! I love being here and reading everyone's experiences. There is so much here for me to process, so I plan to be here often and share if I can  :)>-