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  • Just purchased the tempo mind blowing much different than helix-syn does anyone else share this feeling
  • I as well am new to the TEMPO (3 sessions) but have to say it's now my favorite. I experienced A Super O on my first session and an amazing full body orgasm on my second session. My 3rd session was off the charts!! I own the SGX, Helix, Eupho and Progasm models but none of them have come close to the TEMPO experience. I love the way it feels and the lack of pressure from not having a "tab". I would think that if you're having trouble getting a Super O (I had been close but never quite there) that you should try the TEMPO!
  • I have had mine for a year now, and I use more than any of my other models, (6) I think the extra weight makes it so wonderful, not to mention the ease of use, and clean-up. I love it, wish they would make a Helix in stainless, hint hint!!!
  • Ok does anyone have the tempo and the peridise? How different are they?
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    I did some searching on it and decided to try it out!

    @braveneworld: I'll let you now after it arrives. I really like my Peridise so this should be fun.

  • @Xileh I look forward to your review . :)
  • petardpetard
    Posts: 27
    I like the smallest Peridise and have never gone back to using the SGX, which never really seemed to do much for me. I thought the Tempo would be only slightly larger than the smallest Peridise, but it's quite a bit bigger than even the second-largest Peridise (the head is like the head of my thumb vs. the head of my pinkie) and of course much heavier. I like the weight and feel of the Tempo but would prefer a smaller size, which is why I haven't used it much, but I have found that it feels very nice the few times I have gotten around to using it. I sense a lot of potential there. But I always start a session with the smallest Peridise and usually don't bother switching out after I get comfortable. 
  • Petard I like to start big then move to the smaller on, guess it gets the pucker string working harder to hang on to it, works great for me, just saying.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    Im confused.  I thought the tempo was not really a prostate messager, or am I wrong.  If its not, then how are you guys having super O's from it?  Does it make contact and message the prostate?
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    Good point. I just got mine and have had several very nice SuperO's with it. I also have had good luck with the Peridise models. The tip does contact the prostate and really moves around. It's very subtle in comparison to the prostate massagers.

    The Tempo is HEAVY. It should be great to build up muscles. And, ir's too beautiful to keep in a drawer. It's a piece of art.