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OOOOH My first 2 super Os I think!
  • Last night my helix aneros session was different from the start.
    As soon as I inserted miss helix she started massaging but the difference was the intensity and positiveness of her strokes.
    The strokes did not wain when I got erections as they did in the past. 
    The pleasure was emence and I enjoyed it for 2 hours.
    I then decided at 1:30am that I would sleep with her.
    I had coated her with Vaseline and shot 5 ml of waterbase lube two hours ago but thought that it might be a good idea to add some more lube before going to sleep.
    I took out the helix and shot 1.5ml of pure silicone lube in and then reinserted.
    The difference that made was night and day, I could feel with each stroke the lube coating my insides and very soon it was silky smooth inside.
    The aneros strokes did not feel as strong as before but I put that down to the silicone being so slippery.
    I went off to sleep and to my surprise woke at 7am and had had a good nights sleep.
    Normally I would feel sleepy after sleeping with the aneros.
    I concentrated on the stroking that was going on down below while stimulating my nipples and the intensity grew and grew.
    The intensity and positiveness of the strokes were even better than earlier at night.
    The pleasure would come in definite waves,wave after wave.
    The intensity was not as intense as some of my really really good sessions but the positiveness of the strokes was the best ever.
    The waves of pleasure really started to build a sense of building to a climax.
    I did have constant mini Os but did not have any dry O during this build up.
    My breathing would sound like as if I was sleeping nice constant deep breaths.
    This build to climax built and then dissipated a few times as it has done in the past until.

    With the third hight of build of climax feeling all of a sudden my body arched back and my muscles went all stiff and then my body suddenly thrashed around for 2 or 3 seconds!
    I lay there wide awake the aneros still twitching but had lost its vigour. I felt a calm feeling, I just lay there pondering what was that? Was that good? Yes I think so!
    After a minute or two slowly the aneros started  to work harder and harder again and I had the build up again but this time all I got was one shot of pure ecstasy which made me jolt only. I noticed that wile riding these waves that my dick was slowly oozing a long line of precum on to my thigh and made a small wet patch on the bed.
    The waves of pleasure continued until 8:13am when It all slowed down.I then removed the helix cleaned up went pee and had breakfast and answered posts on this forum while tying in bed.

    No I am not finished. Within 2 minutes of taking the aneros out I was hungry for it again but have resisted until 10am just after starting to type this account up.
    I shot half a ml of silicone and 2mls of waterbase and coated Eupho with Vaseline and inserted.
    She has been working quietly but with a boiling feeling while typing and BUGGER ME my back arched again and I thrashed around again for a second or two then calm and could just feel my heart racing hard.
    Things are still boiling and I am dribbling precum again.
    By all accounts of what I have read I think I just had my second SUPER O for this morning, the second while typing. Typing maybe but thinking of the session though.
    No one can tell me what a super O is exactly because everyone's is different but I think I have finally had two.
    I would like to hear your opinion from those in the super  O club even if not positive as I like to know whats going on even if I have not got there yet.
    I have had similar feelings before like the jolt but never the thrashing bit and have been reluctant to post because I was not reasonably sure of my success.
    The ride just keeps getting better and better and I am more and more hopelessly addicted to these wonderful devices. Thankyou Aneros.

  • I had the same type of thing happen since getting my helix syn. Have a progasm and had a great time with it but the syn puts me over the top. Same lube vaseline and silicone nothing for twenty minutes then great dry o's. fell asleep woke up aroused as can be. My cock and nipples both painfully hard. Checked my syn for mobility And did some contractions then got hit with a p wave or orgasm that cracked my back it was so intence. Had a few more like this and had to give my stuff a break. I would call it pretty super. Sounds like yours is too. Mine are getting more intence every time.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    @braveneworld - your description fits my experiences very closely. I was never sure I was having one either until Rumel pointed it out to me. I've had them repeat every 40-60 seconds for as long as I could endure it. If I have a longish session, I'll get the shakes. I'm getting better at controlling them somewhat, they can be quite violent. I say somewhat, because if I'm a bit tired, they can take over before I know they are about to hit.

    After a bit of a dry spell, my sessions are getting stronger and the Os are lasting longer. The "after glow" that went away months ago has come back big time. I get your addiction sentiment.

    Sounds like you have hit a major milestone, congratulations!!

  • Thanks @Xileh I am really looking forward to what is to come as it is really getting exciting now.
    I find your explanation of what has happened to you next very teasing and hope I go through it too.
    My after glow is 90% of the time I am awake. The further I get away from my last session the stronger it gets? Go figure! But with the addiction I can  never last any more than 2 days if that.
    It is the third addiction to anything in my life i can think of, adrenalin then masturbation and now aneros use. I have since kicked the adrenalin addiction due to hitting 40 years of age. Every now and the a good fix is nice though.
    Thanks for the confirmation again.  :O)
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    Gosh - now you have ALL got me all thinking - yet again.

    braveneworld is good at describing how it felt for him, and what happened, and I recognise the descriptions of his Os - "BUGGER ME my back arched again and I thrashed around again for a second or two then calm and could just feel my heart racing hard".  This could describe my sessions exactly, since I get repeated attacks of such pleasure, with the Os sometimes sparked by the previous one, and sometimes merging together.  However, the aneros doesn't autofuck me all that often, it deliciously tickles my prostate rather than stroking back and forth. Precum is also variable and not an automatic consequence of having a session.

    Xileh's descriptions also match mine - and I too have been trying to discourage the shakes - by relaxing through them as best I can, and as a result, I have felt the beginnings of a strong cascading of pleasure that REALLY got my heart beating very fast!

    Anyhow, 2 weeks ago I went into a psychological dip, as I began to doubt that I was EVEN having dry orgasms. This was because I rarely get hard using the aneros (eupho and helix) models, and reading other people's descriptions of a dry orgasm being like ejaculating, but without any cum (presumably whilst hard) , made me think that I perhaps was just imagining my dry orgasmic success.  AT the other extreme, I have also been told before, that I could already be having super-Os, although I very much put that to the back of my mind, because whilst the sensations were good, they were not as I thought a super-O should be.

    It has hit me once more, that whilst our experiences might match with those of SOME other guys, SOME of the time, they won't match theirs ALL of the time, or with everyone else's SOME or ALL of the time.  We talk of dry orgasms, and super-Os, but all this has done for me, has made me go from thinking that the sensations I had 2 weeks ago were just p-waves, to now thinking that they might in fact be super-Os of a sort.

    It really IS true that this is a very personal journey.  It is nice to identify points of similarity with other people, BUT the differences should not concern us too greatly.  I REALLY love what the aneros does for me, and the last 2 weeks if nothing else, have shown me (yet again) that I shouldn't get hung up on what the experience is called, just on how it feels.

    All the best guys

  • @Linum I understand what you are getting at but I am not exactly getting "hung up" on the names.
    I enjoy what ever comes and take it for what it is.
    As you can guess I like to talk about my feelings and share. I guess this is my feminine side showing through.
    As you have said the names are open greatly to interpretation and misinterpretation.
    I have read many posts and blogs where I think the person has misinterpreted the names of what they are feeling.... But then that is by my interpretation or misinterpretation :)
    I take stock in the fact that if someone posts saying what they feel in detail and many others agree with them that those feeling = a dry o or what ever that most likely it is what it is. Not that it really matters or not I suppose. 
    Hey we all could be wrong!
    There maybe only one or two people on this forum that know the truth as it was they who wrote the wiki. Everone elses idea is only a interpretation of the wiki or others experience.
    Oh crap my head is spinning! LOL

    My interpretation of a dry o or how it actually feels is the penis can be anything from soft to hard but there is a feeling of buildup to orgasm and then a ejaculating feeling which actually feels like the penis is twitching and pumping cum but none comes. A involuntary spasm of the penis could feel the same but is not usually more than one at a time rather than a set of them. 
    A mini o is just a very slight feeling of the same thing.

    A super O has to be by definition something much better than a dry O so this is what I was basing my original post on. If it is a super O for me then it may only be a mini super O as I have not gone far enough in the journey yet. Time will tell coz that feeling may grow in intensity. 

    Yes, I like you are constantly reevaluating what each feeling equals but I find sharing helps others as well as myself in each others journey.
    Lets face it most newbies would just give up if we didnt!

    I reckon I have the names of all the feelings right so far in my journey but the super o just is a bit to indescribable to be named.
     I am sure I will get to a point where I can say without a doubt "yep thats a super o" for me at least anyway.

    Its such a mind teaser!
    One thing is for sure I ant gonna stop even when I do know what every feeling is coz the journey never stop apparently! There is more beyond the super O.
    I cant blame people for being hung up on the super o because this is what the aneros advertising is pushing. (the ultimate goal)!
    Not really... I was just glad to get to dry Os at one time but now find them to more tease me, more torcherous than fun. This new feeling is a whole new kettle of fish and has a feeling of satisfaction of sorts which my dry Os dont.
    Anyway thanks for the reply I really did enjoy it as you can see. Hope I did not dribble too much.
    Feels / Called at least we have something to talk about rather than talk about nothing as guys often do!

  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    Getting "hung up" was entirely a reference to me - and not you - I didn't think you did get hung up anything Braveneworld - lol

    Reading your definition of dry-Os could push me back to 2 weeks ago, if I hadn't already read your post above. My Dry-Os (or whatever they are) sound remarkably like your beyond dry-O experiences - may be I missed out the dry-O bit and went straight to the hard to define super-O bit?????  As you say, IT messes with your mind.

    Keep up the exploration - I know that a lot of us enjoy hearing about it, and appreciate your communicative "feminine" side.  It is wonderful to "compare notes", even though that can sometimes also have a negative side.

    All the best

  • How much focus and concentrating did you have to do for those sessions, Braveneworld?
    Did it just flow in naturally, or did you have to put in a lot of effort to maintain focus on the sensations?
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    My understanding of a Super O was derailed by not having any Dry Os. I was never quite sure which one I was having. I'm pretty sure now that I have not had a Dry O and went right to the Super O as we have described above. In fact, it may have happened pretty early in my journey, I just didn't know what label to hang on it. This has been a very helpful discussion.

    I agree with not setting expectations or putting labels on what we experiance, but it does help as we communicate and share experiances.

    Now I want to have one of those Dry O thingies.

  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    Thanks for that Xileh - I agree that is does help to share experiences, and your own observations have made me feel even more positive about what I have experienced.  Between what you and Braveneworld have said, I am seriously wondering if I have "skipped" the dry-O part too.  If that is the case, it happened early on in my experiences, as it did for you.

    It is interesting that others have described there being a continuum of pleasure sensations from aneros use, and as such, it isn't easy to tell when a dry-O ends and a super-O begins (for some).  I feel I am very definitely in that camp. It is an intriguing possibility that I went from p-waves to lesser super-Os, with scarcely a break.  Others say that you know it when you have a super-O, but I have never been entirely sure what it is I am having. It is all very pleasurable though, and I suppose that should be enough.

    Good luck having a dry-O thingy (I would love to have one of them too!!!).

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    braveneworld, Linum, Xileh,

    Words are usually a poor medium for discussing subjective feelings as they are imprecise at describing the rich subtlety of these pleasurable sensations we Anerosians experience in our erotic meditations. Language is pretty good for dealing with tangible objects but is problematic when it comes to describing the enigmatic emotional world we swim in every day.

    The 'dry-O' is an event you've probably already experienced many times before but you just didn't know how to "label it". In puberty, prior to your first ejaculation, very likely you experienced moments of tingling pleasure in your groin area whilst engaged in other activities (climbing a rope is often cited) or even during times of genital self exploration (early masturbation). These events were dry-O's. Once we learn the steps through masturbation to induce ejaculation and the pleasures associated with that act we tend to merge these two events (because they usually happen in such close temporal proximity) as one act and simply label it as an "orgasm".

    I suspect each of you has in fact been experiencing occasional dry-O's during your Anerosessions, it just may be they have not been of high enough intensity to dramatically register in your consciousness. As @Linum noted our bodies experience these as "...a continuum of pleasure sensations..." and not as distinct, easily categorized (labeled) events.

    I think you all have intuitively accepted the knowledge these feelings and sensations are really beyond words and are enjoying the continuing journey into the richness of your body and spirit. Perhaps one day a technology will be developed to enable a more complete communication medium than language alone.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image

  • @Linum yes I realised that about the hung up was about you but commented because so many people say it as answers to people on this forum as if it is a bad thing to do and it encourages people not to talk about it when it is directed at them of course. It was not worded well. Sorry it was not a attack I loved the post, it gave me lots to think about.
    I also go through dips were I have doubts about all aneros related thoughts but my faithful little pieces of plastic snap me out of it with a good session after the bad ones, patience in the key.
    @DarkEngine RE: focus and concentrating Not really, all these sensations have just come along by them selves during the journey. You must get to a stage where the muscles twitch the aneros by them selves. 
    (that part was a lot of work with kegels and experimenting what feels good)
    Then the lay there and do nothing bit. You can just relax all your muscles and the aneros moves by its self, maybe not much but it feels like it is.
    NOTE if you try to look at it or actually touch it while it is moving the sensations stop! Weird!
    I would say that to get to my super O or what ever it was I had to concentrate a bit to stop clamping the aneros every now and then. I did my best to just keep it swimming. I did this to stop dry Os , keep movement up.

    P-Waves To me the best of all feeling in anerosing as a on going feeling is that time when you get it just right and the aneros seems like it is moving in thick soup, it is a magical feeling and I reckon that this would be close to what a women feels when slipping inside her. These continual waves of pleasurable feelings is what I would call a P-Wave, even when not in the soup situation and the aneros just twitches, each time it does this sends a p-wave.

    I get these feeling start as I put the syringe in and shoot lube, Then they nearly never stop even without the aneros in.

    Dry Os 1 important thing I forgot to mention was just before I start to get the ejaculation feeling the aneros will pull in right as far as it will go. It feels like your cock shaft then spasms a number of times just like if you were ejaculating. I took note last night, the aneros always buries itself in me first.

    I never got to my super last night but got to the edge of it. I did have lots of dry Os though. I mentioned before that they are torturous but I must have been thinking of when I had back to back dry Os 9 sets of ten in a row, the ones last night were not torturous.

    One thing that was different was I always lie on my left side the feeling are amplified the most that way, last night I was able to turn on to my back foe 15minutes and keep the feeling going. I have not been able to do this before.
    The other thing that happened that was really fun was, I actually had one time when I got a full 100% erection, as  the blood pumped in it was the best feeling and then when it was 100% the bottom of the penis shaft wsa straining against the tip of the aneros as it wiggled around it. I was using a eupho which often feels like the head of the eupho is in my penis shaft even though it not really. The helix is too short for the same feelings.

    I got one or 2 hours sleep last night as the eupho just did not letup. No super Os but a lot of the time it was like my heart was fluttering, heart racing and fast breathing. Its all new!
    I find writing it down helps centre me too. Hope I dont skip the shakes it look violent but fun!
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    Rumel - words of wisdom yet again.  Thank you.

    Braveneworld and others - thanks for your contributions to this thread, it has made me reacquaint myself with what feels real to me, and not to worry too much about not achieving what others say they have achieved, no matter how real this seems to them too.

    Words really are limiting, but whilst they can never adequately express how we feel, that doesn't mean we should give up trying.  Poets, authors, musicians, and dancers, amongst others, would never have attempted to communicate anything, if they had held this view.  So long as it communicates the merest hint of comprehension and understanding then it will have achieved something.

    All the best to everyone here