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Another view on multiple male orgasms from another site.
  • This is a post on another site that was interesting to me.  They are not talking directly about an Aneros type multiple orgasms. It is another way of thinking about all of this.  Thought you may be interested.

    Posted: 11/5/2007 4:38:31 PM
    Re: How to become a multi-orgasmic man

    Here's a basic overview of how it works....

    Basically, both men and women have two important levels of stimulation. Thresholds, if you will.

    It's actually just as easy for a man to orgasm without ejaculating, (a man to "come like a woman", and the sensations that go with it), as it is for a woman to have an ejaculatory orgasm (she "comes like a man", and the intensity that goes with it).

    It's easiest way to describe the concept is to create a picture in your mind... at least it is for me.

    Ever see how, on a good stereo, there's all those bars moving up and down... with the line at the top hanging at the highest point that bar has been for the last couple of seconds? (Play something in Winamp to see what I'm talking about.)

    When the top line goes over your orgasm threshold, you're in la-la land. Warm waves of pleasure, washing over your body... your body shakes, your pelvic muscles (and others, depending on your position) contracts... it's the dream you don't want to wake up from.

    But when that top line goes over your ejaculation threshold, boom! Game over.

    Women have two distinct and separate thresholds. The amount of stimulation required to come is far less than the amount required for her to ejaculate. (Where she basically "comes like a man".) Many (most?) women never get to experience the type of mind-blowing intensity of the traditional male orgasm for a multitude of reasons, but the major contributor is usually lack of sexual education on the part of herself and her partner.

    The common misconception is that men only have one threshold, the one at which they simultaneously orgasm and ejaculate. This is untrue. Men have separate thresholds for orgams and ejaculation.... they're just much closer together.

    Through practice and training... (basically meditation, practice, and kegel excercises), a man can learn to keep his stimulation level in the orgasm range, without shooting past (pardon the pun) the ejaculation threshold.

    This way a man and woman can take turns running each other to orgasm back and forth for hours and hours, without any loss of lust, or motivation.

    If you want to learn more, I suggest picking up "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" by Chia & Arava.

    They do recommend men foregoing ejaculatory orgasms altogether for "health reasons", but I personally find that to be bunk. The techniques described are still sound, even if you find their personal philosophies not to be.

    Personally, I prefer to orgasm multiple times, before ending the whole session off with an earth-shaker. Do NOT expect to be going anywhere after doing that, though. You will be emotionally and physically spent, much more than normal. Imagine having sex after running on a treadmill for a few hours. That's what your body will feel like.

    Although if the situation isn't totally private and relaxed, I prefer not to ejaculate at all... because for all I know, I may need to keep my wits about me. (To drive home, take her home, her roommates, miscellaneous stuff we've all been through, etc.)

    Hope that helps!
  • Can you provide a link to this post? This turkey needs a lot of educating on women's orgasm capabilities. (TWO thresholds?! Puh-leez!)

  • When I was reading that, all i could think was "Well Lava is going to be pissed at someone".
  • I will work on this. I just copied and pasted from this site and did not write it down.when i get back to my other