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nother question
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    ...okay, I'm sorry to be a bother again, but, I'm looking for some info on self prostate massage, with my own fingers. Any time I search the net I just get brought to one of those "unleash the magic of the male g-spot", then on page 2 it asks you for a credit card and money...nuh-uh. What is in these E-books? Has anyone purchased one? What is the secret? 

    I feel I have a hard time finding my prostate, and when I think I'm on the right track, I find I'm wrong...How many places in my ass can I get confused with a prostate? It just feels like a fleshy tube. If I go knuckle deep, I find a dime size round bump, but it doesn't have any apparent feeling. If i go two small knuckles deep I find a sensitive spot, that, when rubbed, feels kind of like I have to pee, but not from my bladder, more from the inside of my perineum...playing with both results in time wasted, a sore forearm, and a feeling of embarrassment.

    If any of you have read my a few of my posts, you know that I have been searching for a specific feeling (possible prostate orgasm), that was the greatest thing my body, has EVER felt. So I would love any info any experienced selfers could give...and if you have purchased any of those e-books, I'd love to read one, maybe you can PM it to me.

    Thanks a million!

    Sorry to bother again