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Did you ever feel skeptical about this?
  • JRS7JRS7
    Posts: 23
    I'm asking this because I had read a post here the other day from someone that was feeling skeptical, and I think part of me is starting to feel a little skeptical of some of the things I read here.  Let me explain:

    I have been at this about a year, have certainly made some progress, but feel the past month or two that I have reached a plateau that seems to be as high as I can go.  I have gotten to where I can lay down (with or without the Aneros inserted), relax and breath, and pretty quickly start feeling some nice feeling in my whole body.  Kind of a tingling, numb, sexual sort of feeling.  Heart rate is always increased from the excitement.  Every so often the pleasure and excitement come in a little bit bigger wave, but never goes anywhere extra special.  The best way to explain the experience would be feeling similar to Traditional Masturbation, if you just lay quietly stroked yourself for a couple of hours without really getting into it.  Feels nice, but VERY unsatisfying and frustrating!! 

    Once in a while, especially if I fall asleep with the Aneros in like I did today, I will wake up a short time later with my heart pounding out of my chest for sometimes 30 seconds or so like something is happening.  But nothing is.  When my heart starts pounding like that, in fact, it's almost like there is no more sexual pleasure than any other time, maybe even less.  No precum like people talk about, pretty much never. 

    Which makes me wonder in a small part of my mind about some of the stories....Is what I'm feeling what some people are calling an Orgasm?  Have I reached what people are talking about?  It would mean SERIOUS EXAGGERATION on most of the things I read, and I don't believe that many people are exaggerating the stories that much.

    Hopefully no one will take this whole post wrong...I'm not saying I believe that people are full of BS.  I firmly believe that the stories told here are true experiences.  I've just reached a point to where a small part of me is feeling a bit skeptical because of where I seem to be stuck.

    Which brings us back to the original question: 

    Anywhere along the line did you ever feel skeptical about this?

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Sure.  Somewhere around month two or three I felt 'skeptical.'   Being a skeptic goes right along with the analytic facet of my Myers-Briggs profile which is ESTJ.   2009 was an era when Aneros Super-Os were a common feature on X-Tube.  The similarity of those vids led me to believe they might have been 'scripted.'

    When I finally tamed my ESTJ nature and experienced sustained p-waves I began to understand that there is a pleasure path far different from orgasm that contains only an ejaculatory response.  Finally, learning to relax, season my personality with a good dose of spirituality and stop 'climbing the hill' I was able to let go and just float.     blessings...   rook
  • total noob here, but I was entirely skeptical until I decided to watch some videos. That took a lot for me to do because of social stigma and what not. Even tho I haven't experienced too much of anything as of yet, (3 days with my helix) I know that what I've seen couldn't be fake. I couldn't fave it if I tried. Also, There are just too many people posting here about their experiences to be fake. For a while, I even considered the possibility that these were all just one person and lies told in order to sell the device. The writing style from person to person is completely unique, and although I don't have much to support it yet from my own experiences, I have no doubt that the words of B Mayfield and everyone else are true. 

    I am 19 years old and stoked to have learned of this as early in life as I did!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I am glad there are skeptics out there. The skeptics are the ones who challenge us to be forthright, honest and convincing in our discussions.

    The truth is the majority of men in this world will never know the pleasures possible from prostate massage simply because they will never hear about it. The truth is, of those who have heard about it, the majority of them will not pursue it because of their unfounded fears (homophobia, hygiene, etc.). Of those that do try to learn about and have this special experience, most will succeed, in time, but some will struggle and seemingly flounder about.

    I think you should always keep in mind the fact the successful Anerososian practitioner is more likely to express his joy openly than the struggling individual who is lamenting his lack of earth shaking prostate orgasms comparing himself to the hyperbolic testimonials offered here and elsewhere on the net.

    Which leads me to your question - "Anywhere along the line did you ever feel skeptical about this?" Absolutely, from the beginning I thought these reports are too good to be true but what the heck, what have I got to lose to try out one of these devices? Yeah, these are not cheap toys but my intuition told me they were not gimmick toys either. It is possible that extensive reading about these devices and prostate massage in general has planted suggestions favoring a continuing successful Aneros practice for me but I think there is substance behind all the claims and testimonials as proven by my own experiences with these massagers.

    I think plateaus are probably pretty common experiences, just as spurts to higher levels are also frequently reported. Why this occurs for no apparent reason is a mystery to me but I've come to accept the unique nature of the individual's journey with these devices as a non-linear, evolutionary voyage of discovery. I'm certain even Christopher Columbus had his moments of doubt when he was becalmed with a windless ocean all around him. Patience and perseverance will likely reward you in time as you try new strategies and techniques to put winds back in your sails.

    Skepticism can deteriorate into pessimism or it can be buoyed by hope into optimism, the choice is yours which direction you wish to sail your ship.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    My own experience is that there have been periods when if I was not sceptical, I was certainly temporarily pessimistic.  Usually, these pessimistic episodes occurred on a plateau, as you describe, when there seemed little or no progress, and the sensory experiences, although still pleasurable, became almost tedious.

    What got me out of that, was usually a break from the aneros (perhaps no more than a week or two).  After the break the experience felt fresher, and therefore more enjoyable.  We are a species that enjoys sexual novelty, and a single minded, limited experience strategy, seems to jar against something fundamental within our nature. I think we rebel without knowing it.  After these aneros breaks, new sensations often became evident to me.  I think that because I make generally slow progress, these new experiences creep up on me unawares, and a break clarifies my perception of them.  Additionally, my dry orgasms are not at all like a wet orgasm, and once I stopped looking for something similar to a wet orgasm, I was free to perceive what was actually there, rather than what I thought should be there.

    I don't think I have ever been sceptical about the aneros and what it can achieve.  There seems far too much weight of evidence for that, albeit anecdotal.  In addition, other techniques for achieving male multiple orgasms exist, such as Taoist ideas (which I also use).  I came upon my dry orgasms via this route first, and then recognised them in my aneros use immediately afterwards - I'd probably been having them for a year before I understood what they were, since there are all shades of dry orgasm, from the tiniest of mini-orgasms to the very intense ones that take your breathe away.

    I always put any lack of progress down to me, rather than to the thought that the concept is wrong.  This doesn't mean I blame my lack of skill, in some sort of self flagellatory way, but it does mean that I have to be realistic about what I am capable of at that particular moment, and not punish myself for apparent lack of progress. Patience is very much a virtue, but "ringing the changes", especially at the early stages, avoids the whole experience becoming stale.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Oh absolutely I have. Although much less so now than even six months or a year ago. But like Linum said, when I do hit a plateau, particularly when the plateau is mild to dud sessions, it's difficult not to question, at least a little bit whether this is all bull or not. Thankfully I've had a few brief glimpses of what the possibilities of these prostate massager's can do via a few short mini-O's, in addition to typically very pleasurable non-orgasmic sensations in my sessions, such that I know there is something to this. I just haven't quite made it over the top yet.
  • I did, and have been at this for 3 years and have yet to have a true "super O" but it keeps getting better....and better.....I think trying to make it happen is the biggest fact your frustration and skepticism right now is in a way counterproductive to you achieving what you want.

    My best sessions are when I just lay down, have nothing to worry about and kinda just dont give a fuck. Your body will do some amazing things.
  • I guess I may as well chime in. I started a couple of years ago, or so. I practice daily. I called it my "orgasmic meditation" before I'd heard of Nicole Daedone. I pretty much always use a timer. I tell my wife I'm going to meditate.

    I figure I've done this over a thousand times. The first two or three hundred times I was learning how my pubic floor works. Discovering sensations. And pretty much always looking for those indicators of success. Pre-cum, ejaculating, super-o, hardest ever erection. All that stuff. In a way, those ideas poison the process.

    For me, the super-o is really a redefinition of orgasm. (This is aligned with the One Taste folks.) Orgasm starts as soon as the autonomic responses start. Ejaculation is just one of eight stages of orgasm. There's a lot of orgasmic territory to explore. Learning to really pay attention to very subtle sensations pays big rewards.

    As for my "success indicators": 1 I have not achieved the hardest erections ever. I'm almost never hard when I meditate. 2. I ejaculate maybe once every two or three weeks.  (bear in mind I'm 60). 3. It's only after two full years of practice that I can honestly say all of every session is orgasmic. Of course that's just the last couple of months, who knows what plateau or dip I may be headed for? 4. Almost no pre-cum. 5. I don't know and I don't care about super-o (ok, that's a lie occasionally I care and wonder was THAT a super-o? but I quickly put that away.)
  • Took me 11 months of exploring before I finally had a breakthrough Super-O experience SO INTENSE there is no possible way to exaggerate it. Anything I write would not even be doing it justice :)

    I didn't read this forum or have high expectations - I just was curious about my prostate. Bought an Aneros, read the basic instruction card,  put some lube on it and stuck it in when I got horny... and enjoyed the new sensations. I guess that's why I wasn't skeptical - because everything I felt was an unexpected "plus."

     Keep on enjoying the ride, no telling where it may one day unexpectedly take you.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    I've been at it for a year now. I bought the darned thing from another store for health reasons without seeing the Aneros web site. After the first session caused a near train wreck, I found these discussions. I didn't believe it. These testimonials had to be written by a bunch of shills. I've been the original owner of this body for nearly 60 years and never heard of such a thing. Prostates are only good for biopsies and cancer, right? But what if?

    I stuck with it. It was nice, but so, so. Later I hit a long dry spell and began to wonder. Then, one session made a believer out of me and ran me to exhaustion. As Rasta says, "Anything I write would not even be doing it justice". I'm still trying to sort it out.

    Believe it!

  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    I've never been completely sceptical about the aneros. I was experimenting with (what I'd now call) aneros-less sessions years before I knew about the aneros, so I knew coming in that there was more possible.

  • Malmo1Malmo1
    Posts: 22
    I was skeptical to one point, if I was able to learn how to achive a multiple orgasm than an ordinary prostate massage stimulation while masturbating. I do belive that every man can get these strong multiple orgasm. If some of us can then all can, the reason is that we are built the same way. What stops us is how we are formed mentaly by family, society and taboo marks. I actually have a good comparison.

    Today we are raised by rules and how we shall think, behave and how to look at things.

    1. Our anal. That is a filty tunnel. We are not suppose stuff thing up in our ass. If we do, we are filthy and it's not normal. There is alot of bacteria wich is true so dont play with it.

    2. Do not talk about your anal, that is not what we should do, because the ass is filthy, and you show bad manner if you do.

    3. Do not fart, it's discusting. That's why children thinks farting is so fun it's taboo, because we elder says, noooooooo dont do that, that is bad. Why asks the kid, bacuse farting comes from you anal, and it's full of germs, dont play with that, it's filthy.

    4. A man should'nt play with his anal, then he is not a man, he is a woman.

    I can go on with this list but I wont. We are raised to a taboo marked piece of body. So it's not strange that we have blocked our mind to realise that there are great pleasure hidden from us in that area.

    When our kid tried to put her hand in her mouth it was real hard for her to achieve that in the beginning. When they are so small they dont know anything, dont know whats right or wrong. But they do feel when you tickle them etc, they devolop feelings as they grow. Nerves and muscles, everybody feels it, unless we dont have a physical damage or disease.

    If I could somehow learn and tell our daughter while she was in my wifes belly that putting the hand to the mouth was taboo. That it would be one of the worst things to menssion and to let anybody know it. That it would be a disgrace even when nobody would see it. Im pretty sure that in her own mind she would'nt believe that she actually could put her hand in her mouth. Because I had learned and inprinted that in her mind. The same goes for this we are talking about.

    Back to the sceptical part. It's our mind that is blocking us baecause of how we are raised by our parents, society etc. That actually is stopping us to think that there is any kind of plessure in our dirthole. And for a man to play with his ass, well then he is a freak. That is why it's more difficult for some than others to let go, but I belive that all can. It's a natural thing, it is we who makes it difficult.

    I think when you feel those kickups, vibes small sensations starting to build that your
    subconscious is starting to blocking you from to let you body and mind to just flow. Im not an expert but I know how easy it is persuade ourself how hard things are, but how hard it is persuade ourself how easy things can be done and happened by me.

  • I guess I am like @Malmo in my aversion to anal and prostate stimulation most of my life until this past June when I began my Aneros sessions with the Helix Syn. Last fall, I saw @redbeard2000's You-tube videos of his session(s) with his Progasm. In late December, I purchased the Progasm Classic along with the MGX and Helix models. But they sat unused a good six months unused until I overcame my fears of insertion of the various Aneros models.

    Yes, there are issues and prerequisites of anal hygiene, and relaxation and (sexual) arousal that I had to overcome initially. But now they are second nature.

    My skepticism comes into play when I haven't experienced a Super-O so far, but I still consider myself an Aneros newbie. But the Aneros grows on you. In my case, I have sexualized each model, and eagerly forward to each session. Every Aneros session, I find, is unique, and mostly every session is full of unbridled pleasure. I just let the Super-O and MMO's come in their proper time. I am here for the ride. :D

  • ZoopZoop
    Posts: 31
    Yep. Big huge skeptic butt here (of little importance, I wrote a bit about it in my first post I made here)
    Mostly made the leap out of curiosity and because there was too many videos and written experiences to completely dismiss it.
    My first session didn't lead super far, but it did give me and instant strong and fast heart beat and enough to convince me it could do /something/. Since then, I've have a couple sessions which were so near-orgasmic, or at least very pleasurable for a long period of time, that I'm not skeptical of the device at all any more, even if I don't know where exactly it will lead me, or if I will personal achieve exactly the same kind of response I have watched or read others get. I'm pretty happy with whats happened to me so far and quite enjoying the moments.

    The question of, IS WHAT I AM FEELING WHAT OTHERS ARE DESCRIBING? Is definitely the hardest one and one I am also struggling with a little. I do have the impression though that, people have defeinitely felt things more intense then you or I have, but it is a very hard question to answer as it relies on individual experience and testimony.
    It seems to me, that how effective the aneros is really is different between people, although most people swear everyone can make the same climb, just at a different pace. But some people just dont have the same luck with device as others.

    One of the biggest sources of my skepticism was also the vague use of terminology and labels, which not a lot of people defined super well or consistently, (P-wave, Mini-O, Super-O,  Dry-O, Anal-O, Prostate-O, its not immediately obvious which of these are the same thing, which ones are just a type of another, or how exactly they are different) although I have a pretty good sense of them now, it took a lot more reading then it should have. It just felt a little too wishy washy from an outsider view. I know a lot of people have said to not get so caught up in labels, but I do think that they have a place, and its hard to convince or convey information to others without them.