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prostate movement-prone vs supine
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    I came across this while searching "deep breathing prostate" on google,


    During normal breathing, maximal movement of the
    prostate markers was seen in the prone position (cranial-caudal [CC]
    range: 0.9-5.1 mm; anterior-posterior [AP] range: up to 3.5 mm). In the
    supine position, prostate movement during normal breathing was less than
    1 mm in all directions. Deep breathing resulted in CC movements of
    3.8-10.5 mm in the prone position (with and without an aquaplast mold).
    This range was reduced to 2.0-7.3 mm in the supine position and 0.5-2.1
    mm with the use of the false table top. Deep breathing resulted in AP
    skeletal movements of 2.7-13.1 mm in the prone position, whereas AP
    skeletal movements in the supine position were negligible

    so you will have greater prostate movement when lying on your stomach instead of your back.