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Just enjoying riding upon my Aneros journey
  • Hi guys,

    On a quiet Saturday night here at my apartment, I have been reflecting upon my nearly five month experience with the Aneros. So far I have mastered using the Helix Syn, Maximus, and Progasm Ice in order of progression. Right now my working with Ice's older brother and BIG bruiser, the Progasm Classic is a work in progress.

    My approach to each Aneros session is that each one is unique and just to be enjoyed for what it is. I just enjoy the ride upon my Aneros journey. Such is what happened this afternoon when I let go and just enjoy the riding action of my three big buddies, my three big f**kers (as an endearment). That is when my Aneros experience becomes sweet!

    Also I let go of the frustration of not experiencing mini-O's or the Super-O quite yet. Such Aneros bliss and blessings will occur someday soon. But I exult in a revved up, awakened prostate, in P-waves galore both within sessions and outside sessions, in the ease of my Kegels, and what happens when I stimulate my nipples! :D :D