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Orgasmic dance
  • For the last three years I have experienced almost everything written in this community. I have great orgasms (not every single time but let's say: 30 % of the time). Whenever I have enought time (2-3 hours) it's 100% guarantee that I will "fly". I am still using my MGX, because in my country there is no other model available.

    Anyway, last night I was alone at home. Shower, cleaning, lubricating, watching some TV while breathing and relaxing, then turned off TV. 30 min. later my MGX started moving, then it stopped by my prostate started touching it. (All usual things). 10 min. later orgasm started. Once, twice. I was "flying". Prostate was sending signals to my brain. Most of the time I don't have a full erection, but this time-yes. I got several orgasms, I had enough free time, I didn't think about anything, so I continued to lay and wait for the next one. Maybe half an hour later, and 10 orgasms behind me-I felt that something is pulling me out of the bed. It happened before that I'm shaking, orgasm is rolling me on bed. Tonight was just my mind forcing me to stand. And I did it. I was on the floor, standing. With my hands started making some movements, my legs too. I WAS DANCING-with very slow movements. My hands' movements were like conductor of a slow symphony. Legs moving very slow, and waist making some "sexual" movements.  Now sounds funny for me-if I can explain it maybe looked like these slow voodoo dances. I could control myself, but I was not doing it because I liked it. My mind was working normal, I was with closed eyes but I did not hit anything in the room. Later Aneros fall down but my "dancing" continued. I don't remember how long was that(maybe 10-15min), but when I forced myself in bed, (even everything was so smooth and slow) I felt exosted. This was the first time since I am using Aneros, to experience this.

    Does anyone have experienced something like that? Because I want it again. 


  • VH3, I can't say that I've had that experience personally, but you say a few things I would like to encourage and point out.  You say that you "could"control yourself, but you liked what was happening.  That's great!  That's all you need to do.  Just enjoy what's going on.  You experience reminds me of an episode of HBO's Real Sex.  There was a sexual retreat in Hawaii and the couples were learning about orgasms and body pleasure etc... One of the women was standing in front of the group and just started having a tantric orgasm.  The image and motions she made sound very similar to what you describe.  This woman is on camera having an orgasm, but her legs are shaking, her arms are shaking, she literally looked like she was dancing.  She was in a state of total, tantric, orgasmic bliss.  My friend, I think you just had that particular energy wash over and through you.  I think it's a great share.
  • helix44helix44
    Posts: 17
    I've been an Aneros user for almost two years now (I now alternate between helix, eupho, and progasm), and have absolutely experienced what you're describing.  During my rewiring phase the "dancing" was like a crazy kundalini techno, but over time these sessions became more like the slow dancing you describe.  My most recent sessions have started to feel like self-taught yoga.  I have never been to a class but I find myself in poses that match my limited understanding of yoga.  I start off doing some standard athletic stretches, but as you describe I suddenly know how I want to move without any conscious direction.  Bit by bit I find my body wanting to stretch and move in bizarre ways, and to my amazement many of them end up focusing on muscles that are tight and in need of stretching.  It's as if my body knows exactly how to care for itself as muscles inevitably get tense, and is able to direct itself into postures that isolate the tension, stretch it, and coax it into relaxation.  I end these sessions feeling limber and relaxed.

    I think the best recent session I had like this started with stretching and no aneros.  I gradually allowed my body to be in control and direct all movements.  After some time I lay down in my usual aneros position (on my back in bed with knees raised).  That led quickly to an absolutely wonderful super-O session, still without an aneros.  Amazing!