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A 73 year old: Adventure Unlimited
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    This post is for new travellers in the golden years. 
    The Aneros process is not lineal there are many variations along the way.
    As many on this forum say, the Aneros journey is like an iceberg. Most of it is spiritual and mental. This is actually so for most of our life. What my notes do not include is the spiritual/psychological/mental journey that has accompanied my awakening. But briefly;  I had to work through a life of sexual hangups, undo the unconscious conditioning that came from 'dirty' jokes by those who could not cope with their urges and female labia, to celebrate the wonders of my wife, understand that the wisdom given by pastors/teachers was shaped by their own conditioning and sexual dysfunction, realise that my gating mechanism was shunting aside the wisdom and permission to explore myself and enjoy myself that was streaming from beyond consciousness, realise that 'spirit' has given me an incredible body to explore and to enjoy almost never ending experiences, and understand that God (Great Mystery) celebrates my awakening with me - "about time - you may just make it" is the impression I get!

    My life has changed considerably since using my first Aneros in February 2012.  Something that was going to sleep, awoke. A lot of significant and positive and creative attitudinal changes have taken place. My life was now going somewhere after all. I know I have much to look forward to in my life. It is simply getting better. What is very good is that my wife is a fellow traveller in all of this. We are waiting for Evi.
    At 73, now that the first flush of youth has passed, the body and mind need some care and attention. I have BHP and ED and I have been dependent for 10 years on V or L for a usable erection. Ej-ing is a surprise now rather than the norm. I am adjusting to a shift from "Ej release gratification dependency" to enjoying the extended erection plateau with my partner who now orgasms more than me!!   I also enjoy the contact that the Aneros makes with my prostate which has it own erection capabilities and agenda. I am fortunate rest of me seems to work okay.
    In these last 10 months my wife and I made what I call quality longevity changes. We improved our diet, took up a serious exercise program, reduced our weight, eat smaller portions, enjoy a regular glass of red wine and dark chocolate (we have to some fun!).
    As a male, like many, I was brought up in a sex denial environment with complete ignorance of my sexual health other than furtive stimulations.  I realized that if I did not look after these bits they might not work any more! 

    Aneros to the Rescue
    At the end of 2011 after 18 months of extremely high mind-blowing traditional sexual activity I started to have extremely tense/painful and almost heart stopping ejaculations. I felt something was very tense 'down there' and needed attention, but I had no idea of what it might be, or even what was there. From searching the 'net' the Aneros self massagers seemed to be worth trying and, adjusting to the 'shock' of the forum content, I purchased my first Aneros from the US. To my surprise I found an excellent and helpful local supplier whom I now support.
    My first use of an Aneros made me very aware I knew almost nothing about the 'hidden area'. So I read widely. I am not medically trained, but I have had this body for a long time and neglected it for much of the time. Now was a good time to get to know and love it. This forum has been a gold mine of information and encouragement.
    I realised that I would have to do some serious pelvic floor work. This was a shock as the first attempts to tighten anything down there gave me heart palpitations and feelings of nausea. I persevered and, little by little, I unbound the muscles from my central core and can now select some them individually and work with them without the body trauma.
    For my (non sexual) penis health I read it was good to have a non-'viagra' type erection of some sort frequently (use a pump if necessary!) to flush the penis with fresh blood. Spontaneously erections (even unusable ones) no longer occur very often.
    Several pelvic muscles groups I found were of major significance to perineum/pelvic/sexual health. I can isolate some them and find it very beneficial and pleasurable to work to strengthen and control them. 

    A muscle owners view:
    a. Bulbocavernosus muscle (BC) at the inner end, or the bulb of the penis -  that pumps out that last bit of urine. This can be exercised without an erection. With an erection it lifts the penis and swells the soft tissue around the urethra (corpus spongeosum), and can voluntary boost the erection blood pressure.   The BC is often included as part of the PC muscle but it is separate. It can be difficult to separate them. (NB, I am still in the rewire stage). 
    b. Pubococcygeus muscle (PC) muscle surrounds the external sphincter and fills the area behind and above the BC muscle, responds to the Aneros and surrounds the sphincter muscles. (In females the appears PC more dominant and the BC localized around the urethra and vagina. I suspect the Evi and Lelo Luna Beads also strengthen the BC muscles as well as the PC).
    Between the BC and the PC/sphinter there is a rope like link and along this link somewhere is the sweet spot.
    There also is some muscle/sensory connection between the BC,PC and Prostate.
    c. The sphincter muscles external and internal.  Mine were in very poor condition with associated heamorrhoids. Using an Aneros helped strengthen these but they needed extra work so I exercise these by gently pulling the SGX (narrow neck) against the sphincter muscles to strengthen them. After a session, I also work on closing and tightening the PC and sphincter muscles for heamorrhoid control as the Aneros leaves them a bit stretched. The Tempo is also very helpful here. 

    My BHP  caused urinary pain and restriction. The herb Saw Palmetto, found in most prostate medication, has been a miracle worker for me and, coupled with the Aneros massage has diminished the problem almost completely. (My Dr says the BHP herb Saw Palmetto make more T available to the Prostate. (Makes for easy-wee, ha ha.)

    My ED,  I am really V or L dependent for a usable erection. The Aneros discovery was a 'just in time' intervention. It now allows me to have a positive sexual experience without having to have an erection. It so very comforting and fulfilling - I like the title of another post: I am 'Aneros Hungry'. It must be said I do have very enjoyable frequent 'connections' with my wife, and ejaculate sometimes. We get on good.  Without this new start I think I would have slowly dropped my bundle and, as not uncommon with older males, the will to live.

    As yet I have had no remarkable Aneros experiences but I am very happy with the progress so far. There is a great potential here for incredible pleasure that keeps me wanting more.
    The Aneros Stimulators I currently find most helpful are my SGXs. I have two short tailed SGXs. I can safely sleep with them. I have two so I can use one at the beginning of the night and the other prepared for the early morning if I wish. If I sleep with them, during my sleep pattern, from time to time I am aware of the contact this is particularly comforting. The memory of the night’s prostate to Aneros contact remains with me most of day. I use an MGX and to refresh the SGX experience. I also have Helix, SYN and some larger ones but do not find them helpful at the moment.

    As testosterone peeks in the morning my partner and I find early morning sex much better. Also we were too tired at night "to do it good".

    As I have been helped by so many on this forum I hope for some this may be useful.

    The elusive Testosterone levels.
    It was very difficult to find any information or guides on testosterone suggested levels. The average male's testosterone level and sperm count appear to have reduced quite considerably over the last 60 years, probably due to the faux estrogens that drench our environment. The level figures below come from  my 2012-6 pathology reports.

    Testosterone  (For an example my results are in brackets)
    Testosterone  Range*        8 nmol/L  to 30 nmol/L   (18 nmol/L)
    Sex hormone Binding Globulin     17 nmol/L  to  66 nmol/L   (47 nmol/L   )          
    Free androgen index         23%  to  103%.      (  51.7% )
    I sit on the higher side of average as I have a prescribed testosterone HRT cream for daily application. I have tried to reclaim some of the diminished Testosterone.   The Australian range (above) seems to support a reasonable hormone level. Which in turn supports better general male health and a better sense of wholeness.

    The above levels, however, need to be viewed with the PSA results.
    The PSA is an age related tumour marker.  
     Total PSA at 70yrs < 6.51ug/L
     (mine 3.08ug/L    = PSA ratio of  28%. Interpretation, 95% cancer free prostate indicator. In Australia, unless there is a indication for concern, we rarely see a urologist.)

    *Testosterone information and unit conversion calculator see:

    (This is a more focused rewrite of the previously 'deleted content' post.)

  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    I am so glad you reposted this. Your description of your relationship with your wife is beautiful. She must be an amazing woman and rare partner. It's clear you know you are a lucky guy!

    For us "younger" guys, you describe a path we will likely face, and demonstrate a choice to accept it gracefully. There are very few places other than this forum where men can share these generational experiences. For men, sharing about relationships and sex is not easy, especially about anal pleasure. I can't thank our hosts enough for providing this service. I'm working hard to buy all of your products to show my gratitude.

    I too have begun experiencing changes. I don't always climax during love making. I last longer and have chosen to exchange the pleasure of a climax, for pleasuring my partner. When I do climax, it is very special. It is however, not an easy transition, but an immensely rewarding one.

    Please continue sharing. I believe the experience of the Aneros and health is inseparably linked.

    I toast your health, outlook on life, and good O's!


  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    My dear Isvara, where did I get the notion that you were a much younger chap! Your post here has been a revelation and a most comforting piece of prose. Your relationship with your wife is an inspiration. My late wife and I were of an older generation and our sex experiences were very tentative to say the least. However, I was fortunate to meet, shortly afterwards, a woman who had a much more liberated attitude and between us, anything goes. It is a late but fabulous emancipation from the drudge of old fashioned conventions. I fully agree with you that sexual experience and freedom to indulge makes life worth living. I have often wondered what I would be like if it all shut down. I shudder to think further. Also as Xileh says, there is greater pleasure in pleasuring and climaxing is not the be all and end all. Thank you.