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Aneros-less dry orgasm? New sensations...
  • Hi everyone,

    This forum has been a wealth of knowledge! I hope this isnt something that has been talked about elsewhere but I had a really odd, but great!, occurance last night...

    I was stimulating my wifes g-spot and at random times could vaguely feel a pulsing, like a faint heartbeat, from my prostate? (root of penis?). The sensation grew and grew, I went from flaccid to rigid with zero physical stimulation. It would build to a small climax of sorts and it felt like the pulsing when cumming but about 1/4 strenght, not complaining! but less powerful than a Traditional Orgasm. This happened about 5 times and the last few I looked down and my penis was bouncing up and down slightly like I was ejaculating, but I was dry. My question is, was this a dry-o or a mini-o or something? Also how can I develop this ability? Is there a way to increase the intinsity of this? I am still quite new to the Aneros and am hoping this is a beneficial side effect of the rewire. I'm just trying to be a happy, passive, bystander watching my body change and react to all of the new sensations. Is that a good attitude. Force nothing...?

    You can't improve one area of your life without all the others benefiting somehow, and that includes your sexual life. So thanks again to all for helping improve my life.


    Laughing Hawk

  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    I get this pulsing as soon as I insert the aneros and for about two days afterwards too.
    Exactly the same but I dont get the penis bobbing bit.
    Sounds like you had a complete mini O.
    The beginning pulse like a heart beat , does it feel like a bottle of water being shaken slowly end to end creating a wave in the bottle?
    Thats how I describe it. This is what I am lead to believe is a p-wave.
    I have been using aneros for over 6 months and this p-wave feeling just keeps getting more intense every week or so as I rewire.
    Keep doing your exercises and It just gets better and better.

    It will be interesting to see others comments. 
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    Hi Laughing Hawk,

    Congratulations on integrating this new element of your sensual responses into your marital foreplay!   I'd caution against you and your wife labeling these new sensations.  

    Live in each moment.

    Love one another and cherish these new energies.

  • Great stuff guys. 

    I have recently been having the pulsing (and yes it is kindof a wave pulse like a water bottle shake). It happens at odd times and luckily is not too distracting yet, I feel more meditative than "foggy" when it happens. I've had it start when listening to deep bass music, like my prostate starts jammin to the tunes. 

    I will just let these experiences be without labeling, they are so changing, and slightly different day to day. I would have to have a dictionary if I started naming all the new sensations! He He. This whole rewire has been rad to far,and I'm still a small fish in a huge ocean!

    Does the pleasure associated with these pulses increase as the rewire progresses? The feeling was great but still very very sub-orgasmic (to compare it to a traditional ejaculatory orgasm).

    All Is,

    Laughing Hawk
  • One other thing, the prostate pulsing really starts rocking about 20 minutes after a Prostate Cradle session. Makes for a great warm up for my Aneros. I get the toy in and after 20 minutes of relaxation, the electrical tickling in my prostate starts right as I start contractions. Been working well. Anyone else have any experince with using the Prostate Cradle as a warm-up tool?

    Everything is Hard before it is Easy,

    Laughing Hawk