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Why doesn't the aneros have a textured surface?
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    Seems like it would make a huge difference ( in my opinion) in stimulating the prostate. Even if it was just at the tip where the aneros connects with the prostate, instead of the entire shaft. Although it would be nice to have it cover the entire tool , but it might effect mobility.

  • ZoopZoop
    Posts: 31
    I'm pretty new here, but here's a few thoughts/connections.
    The Aneros strikes me as a very gentle tool which requires a very gentle action, so texture would have to be applied very lightly, or else risk of being too aggressive, limit movement, or even cause pain.

    It may come down a little to preference too:
    This guy had success with using a ribbed condom
    Some people have noted a bit of texture on some of the units as they are already, and have tried making them even SMOOTHER.

    I wouldn't completely discount the possibility of texture adding something new and fun to the Aneros though, but it also may be unnecessary given the design and intended use of the device.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,786
    If you are 5'11" or taller, you might consider a 'date' with the PS-New.  This is a toy offered by High Island Health.  Note the 'nibs' near the tip.  -- --

    The PS-New has been sometimes offered in the Aneros Store as the Aneros Classic.

    enjoy  ... rook

  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    unfortunately i`m not rook. I`m around 5'7", which has me questioning which way to go. I have a mgx now, but maybe the sgx would be better.

    I dont get much from the mgx, but dont know if  a new model is the solution. Is it possible to feel nothing with one model compared to another?

    I wanted to get the eupho as a next model, but if my prostate cant be hit with the mgx does that rule out all models besides the sgx?