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Newbies do you have trouble with keeping contractions and momentum up? Try this its working for me.
  • Let me start by saying I have been going at it 6 months. Some times great improvement sometime nothing much, I am 40 and have a helix with no tail.
    When I get into a slump and nothing much is happening I try to mix things up to revive my relationship with miss aneros.
    I always look for ideas on this forum, It is the biggest help out of everything.

    I have always struggled with keeping contractions going and getting them to go rhythmically.... I am sure I am not alone.
    I dont know how many of you have read the resent post by  Rembrandt

    I have downloaded all 5 aneros sessions and they are improving things.

    I have been in a slump for a week so any aneros session I have been putting on the headphones and turning up the volume and listening to these audio files. Especially Ooze. It made the aneros do things without trying, if I relaxed the aneros would go it alone or it helped with rhythm when I was doing contractions.

    The first time "ah soso"
    the second time a little better
    and so on.
    I might listen to one or two tracks per session and with the sound up so you can feel the music, beat, rhythm.

    In these sessions I would have to say that because the sounds are so powerful and weird I dont really feel the pleasure as much but after one or two tracks my muscles are sore.... Why because my muscles are working to the beat and rhythm without me really knowing it.

    It feels as though the muscles start and stop all the time but as time has gone on I have realised that the muscles are always moving ever so slightly even when I feel they are doing nothing.
    Your mind is free to concentrate on breathing too.

    This audio sound gets in your head after a while and you can feel the rhythm at any time of the day or night.

    I have listened to these files about 10 to 15 times and the sound is now making the aneros feel like it is vibrating inside me.

    This morning I did not use the music at first because I was missing the intensity of the feelings. (the music seems to dull them, their still there just not so intense because you mind is listening to other stimuli ).

    I put miss aneros in this morning and for the first time she started straight away within 20 seconds.
    I still have not reached my dry O but it was the best session ever! 
    The pleasure feelings where more intense than ever and there was more precum than ever. These are the best feeling I have felt out of any session.
    I did not have the music going but I could feel the rhythm in my head and although my body did not always keep up, there was a definite improvement with contraction duration and if I relaxed and letgo the aneros would move by its self for a lot longer.

    I had a great session and when I was spent, (the muscles just did not want to go any more) I put the music on.  Off I went again! The body just cant resist the rhythmic sounds. I ran two audio session and towards the end things slowed down , the body is too tired. I am just at the point of sore again not enough to hurt just know I have been working.

    I have come to the realisation that these are a great workout for the pc and anal muscles, plus the mind is conditioned to the rhythm at the same time and you do get to use the aneros at the same time for the good feelings.

    Give it a good go I reckon it is helping me.
    Todays session was so good the afterglow affect has kicked in while I have been typing. I have not removed miss aneros yet and she has been slowly moving while typing like a pacifier in a baby's mouth.2 hours straight :D

    Hope this post will help some of my fellow newbies.
    Waiting for my new Eupho to arrive.
    Keep mixing it up guys.