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Second ride with my new Helix
  • Well, I finally got a helix.  I've had great times with my Eupho (1st super O with E), Maximus and (very occasionally) Progasm.  Until now, I've mostly alternated the Eupho and Maximus, with a Progasm ride every couple of months - all to my great satisfaction, I have to say!  Thursday night, I had my first Helix ride and I have to say, it fit like a glove.  No popping out in any position, unlike the other models, and after about 30 minutes I blasted off into an amazing series of Super Os - they just didn't stop for the next 45 minutes or so.  Actually, they stopped because I sat up, and it was awfully late so I thought I'd better put it away.  

    So tonight (Saturday), I had my second Helix ride.  Again, went right in, seated perfectly and stayed there.  I'd barely made it to the bed before the fireworks started.  I laid down on my side, one leg extended, and was Super-O-ing in a couple of minutes.  I usually don't Super O on my side with the other models - I start off there, but the serious Os don't start until I'm on my back with my legs planted on the bed.  Well, with the Helix, I Super O'd for several minutes on my side before I turned over on my back, and then, OMG - I blasted off into the most incredible series of Super Os I've ever had.  The next 30 minutes or so was beyond belief!  I've had some hard pounding Super Os with the other models, but not continuously like this.  I finally rolled back onto my side and they kept on coming, although not as intensely.  I got up for a couple of minutes then ended up leaning over the bed while another round of Os came over me, then got back into bed on my back for an even wilder ride than before.  Basically, I was fucked hard and put away wet!  Now I'm just in afterglow...

    Long story short, the Helix has just jumped to the top of my list - I'll be back to the other models soon enough too, but after my first two Helix sessions, I'm thinking that I'll be turning to it first for the foreseeable future!  Thanks, guys