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HELP! No pleasure.
  • I bought the Aneros Helix classic a couple of months ago and have been trying it a lot of times, about 12, and still I have no pleasure at all. I've been doing everything that the instructions say, relaxing, leaving it in for a while before starting some muscle contractions, trying it out often, etc. I have a feeling it's not big enough for me. I don't even feel any pressure on the prostate as I insert it in. I am not new to anal and prostate pleasure, I know the feeling of a prostate orgasm and I am no where near it. Any advise? Could my prostate just be too high for the Helix to reach it? I am just too impatient?

  • It has taken me 7 months to get some pleasurable feelings out of my Helix classic and I use it a minimum of every second night. And I occasionally sleep with it.
    Expect at least a year before you get somewhere good. Just keep up a routine and you will be surprised that all of a sudden  now and then need wonderful things happen.
  • Love_isLove_is
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    Yep, be patient and keep working with it. The fact that you've had a prostate orgasm before works in you're favor. But I'm guessing your body/mind is trained to have them with a different way/technique/device. It's unlikely that your prostate is to high for the Helix to reach. This is just a conjecture, but perhaps set aside using whatever other device/technique normally gives you prostate orgasms while you train with your Helix.

    Some questions to think about:
    Are you aroused going into your Aneros session? And keeping yourself aroused during it? Not touching your penis during the session and stimulating other parts of your body? Nipples are a great one, but other users report other areas that can be just as erotic and stimulating.
  • Thanks guys!

    I will be very patient with this!
  • i'm only a couple months in and have already been disappointed because i haven't gotten anything good. still working on not giving up though!
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    Please be patient.  It is so well worth it to stick with it.  As you can see from many members on here, it can take many months, and for some years to experience the bigO.  If you can be satisfied with any little feeling in the prostate and/or anus area let it carry you until the next step.  As is sometimes mentioned, touching various erogenous spots or areas on the body, avoiding the cock, can help some guys.  It certainly did me, and i still touch myself a lot during sessions.  At first i couldn't end w/o traditional ejaculation, but i eventually got away from touching my cock at all during a session, except on occasion, if i haven't had an ejaculation in a long time I might do it.