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Mind / Body Control and Breathing
  • Mind / body control and breathing are essential to acheive MMO. It is a process that has taken me years to master and I am not all the way there yet. However, each session I have reveals a little more of the process and the experience to me. I have been at this for 7 years intensively and 17 semi seriously. To newbies the path seems daunting but it really isnt. I have learned that the key for me is enjoying the ride.

    As a guide for those of us who are grappling with the issues of breathing, mind body control and mmo my latest blog entry may be a help:
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Nice blog post bigguy!  That's truly amazing what you are experiencing. And you are really good at the writing to describe the experiences so vividly. I hope that someday I will achieve what you are experiencing.