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Question About the Size Factor of Different Models and Movement
  • Hello everyone, I have a few questions about how the size of different models may have an effect on movement of the Aneros. My first (and currently only) model was/is the Progasm. I knew it was the larger model, but I had experimented with anal play before and was confident it would be fine. I had little trouble adjusting to it and had used it for about 5 months off and on. I've been taking a small break, but plan to start again soon. However, I had a few questions before-hand. First, I feel no discomfort when using the Progasm, but is it still possible that it is too big and is having its movement inhibited? I ask because I still have trouble inducing involuntaries, and seem to have to keep a stronger contraction than normal to keep them up. This becomes a little distracting when trying to reach orgasm. Also, the part of the base of the Aneros that is going in an out seems to dry out of lube pretty fast, and I imagine this is making movement more difficult as well. Last, I don't know if the Progasm just doesn't hit the right spot or something, but I feel as though I sometimes can hardly feel it moving against my prostate. If I push downwards on the Progasm base, I can really feel it rub my prostate, but not so much on it's own. Would buying maybe a Helix alleviate any of these issues? It having a thinner base, a more pointed head, and a bigger angle? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777

    Probably.  The Progasm requires not only experience handling larger devices, but stronger and well-controlled anal & rectal muscles to get the proper stimulation and the results you desire.

    Your problem with the exposed shank of the Progasm drying out before any progress can be easily corrected by thinly coating the Progasm with a thick, non water-based lube, like Vaseline, any of the thick silicone-based lubes, Un-Petroleum Jelly, and yes, even Crisco.  The thick, non-water based lubes will not dry out when exposed to air, especially at the opening, where the shank should be moving in and out and about.

    The Helix is one of the most popular choices; you'd be hard-pressed to be disappointed with it, because it is supposed to be the most aggressive of the smaller-sized Aneros devices.  The Syn, being based on the Helix, should be an excellent choice as well, because it is a little more flexible, it has the soft silicone coating over most of it, and most importantly, it has a spherical abutment tab, like the Progasm.  Trust me, that flat, round disk abutment tab on the other Aneros devices digs in hard and can be painful.  Extremely painful.

  • I agree, if you are thinking of the Helix consider the Syn.  I have almost all models, and the only one i use is that, and sometimes the Vice when i want a little buzz.
  • AztecAztec
    Posts: 47
    I would step down in size and try a smaller model.  I LOVE  the :x Helix Syn  :x  It is my new favorite toy, of ALL the models I own.  It just moves and touches me perfectly, plus slides around effortlessly.   Give it a go, you'll be happy you tried it.
  • Thanks for the advice fellas. You guys make the Syn. seem like a tempting choice. For those who have tried different models, how much more aggressive is the Syn. (or Helix in general)  than the Progasm in regards to contact on the prostate? Also, what are the differences in sensations during a session when comparing the two?
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    I agree that between the Helix and the Syn, the Syn is a better choice, for a number of reasons. It's really superior for long sessions. There are good reviews on this forum that will illuminate.

    Lately, I am deciding that pressure is not as important as movement. My larger models do not seem to produce the intense feelings as the smaller models. I seem to get the most out of my Eupho and small Perdise models. These can really get to "dancing", and that's what gets things going for me. Even the vibes of the Vice aren't as effective as movement. I recently went back to the Perdise for fun after focusing on the Eupho for a while and it was very intense. The day-after effects were (are) very strong. I still can't feel my feet! During a long session, I can get the larger models to move around, but not to the degree of the smaller ones.

    I'd like to see a unit developed that is similar, or smaller in size to the Syn, with a vibe that causes low-frequency movement rather than vibrations. It could be devastating.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    I strongly agree with Aztec,  if you're looking for a model with agility, engagement, and comfort....the SYN has it all!

    BF Mayfield
  • I used to think I had great movement with my MGX, but last night my Progasm became of living thing. It was fucking me all on its own. I am sure much of the movement was perceived, but ia m not sure I could take more movement than it was giving.

    The session fulfilled many of my pegging fantasies!