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A Newbie's first experience
  • Hi all.. I'm a complete newbie and thought I'd share my first experience with my MGX. I've given alot of prostate massages but never received one, and reading about Aneros and seeing the videos in various places, I KNEW I had to have one ! Well it arrived the other day and I must say, the anticipation was a turn on in itself. So when I had the quiet time, and was relaxed and aroused, I decided to go for it. Now, I've never had any anal stimulation at all. No toys, no fingers, nothing. So I was a bit apprehensive at first, but with a generous amount of astro-glide and some deep breathing... in it was oddly comfortable.. moreso than I thought it would be. I was lying on my left side with right leg drawn up. The first thing I noticed was a deep warm feeling in my pelvis.... and a large drop of precum. I relaxed and didn't do any contractions for about 20 minutes or so, then started them. I was on my back, knees bent up, feet flat on the bed. It seemed that about every other contraction would produce a large drop of precum. And the sensations were pleasureable, but not orgasmic...( I had no expectations of a body shaking experience the first try, of course....) after about an hour, I would gently stroke the lower part of my shaft a few times, then do more contractions. After doing this a couple times I got this warm, buzzing feeling around my pelvis tht radiated down into my legs and up into my belly... it was quite nice, and very exciting, but relaxing at the same time. This lasted about half an hour, and was building in intensity to the point I was rock hard, steadily leaking precum, and remained about 3/4 of the way to orgasm.... like I'd hit the plateau and was just riding along it.... I LOVED it !!!!  Had I been stroking I'd have been about 5 strokes away from a massive orgasm... but I wasn't, so it just lasted and lasted as I did the 1/2 contractions. Finally at the 1 1/2 hour mark the urge to orgasm was just to great, so I gripped the lower part of my shaft, avoiding the head and foreskin altogether, and gave about 3 slow strokes when I knew a KILLER orgasm was in store...I could feel it in my pelvis and belly, radiating out all over my body...slowly building... so much slower than a regular orgasm it was almost maddening...I stopped stroking and just held the shaft, and about 30 seconds later I started to shoot. The feeling of that was intense...I can only liken it to filling a syringe, then shooting it, refilling, shooting, refilling, shooting.... I could feel the glands and everything filling with fluid then emptying... over and over. I haven't produced that much cum in ages !and even after there was nothing to shoot, the feeling and contractions lasted and lasted.... I'm sure at least 5 minutes or so before I had to give up and move on to an evening engagement. Any thoughts ? Comments ? Suggestions ? I'm MOST pleased with the results, and getting ready for my next session right now..
  • Hey, uncut --- welcome aboard!  Your aneros journey is off to a GREAT start!!!  You did a fine job describing your first experience; and, I could relate well to every aspect of it.  Sounds like we have much in common.  Three years ago, I too was new to anal stimulation.  I start my sessions off on my left side; and, coupled with deep breathing, enjoy every aspect of each session.  My journey has been full of discovery; and, I now have a much deeper appreciation for my creation.  Would love to compare notes further.  By the way, how was your second session?  Starr