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Big things/small packages, and Ptab position.
  •   First let me start off by saying that I have an assortment of the Aneros line.  Helix, SYN,MGX. and the Eupho.  I have enjoyed them all equally as they all seem to bring something different to the experience.  I will say that of all of them the Eupho has been the one to really rocked my world!!  It was the one that gave me my first super O and that was a full body orgasm!  Well It's always been enjoyable but still hit and miss most of the time with the trouble being in the replicating of the super O's.  Well I thing I have stumbled on something that may just help some along.   I  read the thread here awhile back that talked of putting one end of a hair tie or rubber band around the handle and the other aroung the base of the penis.  What I have discovered is along this line but without the extra equipment.  I found that by moving the perineum tab after the Aneros has settled into place makes for a totally different experience for me.  Once the massager has settled in, I slightly lift the tab, slide it forward until I feel it engage the prostate(YOU WILL KNOW, believe me) and gently push the tab up into the skin of the perineum to anchor it.  This seems to be doing 2 things, 1.  Improved prostate/massager engagement and 2. Sweet spot/Ptab connection.  It doesn't take much movement in my case, and I would bet that I am only moving the tab forward by a 1/4 inch at most, but the difference in the sensations are very profound and out of this world.  I am of the do nothing mindset, and this discovery seems to work with all of Aneros I have(less with SYN, due to tab flexability) but seems to bring out the most of the Eupho.  I will say since I have found this, that my body has taken on a mind of it's own.  I just relax, lay back, enjoy the ride and get blown away.  I also have been getting erections and more leaking of precum with this as well.   Not really a requirement but definatly brings even more to  an already awesome experience.  Also, I would recommend the Eupho to anyone out there that is still trying to isolate certain muscle movements.  Although small, it's mobility might just be what you are looking for to complete your journey. 




  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    " body has taken on a mind of its own." Excellent Teeder!!! Congratulations!!! You are there/here!!!
    Yes EUPHO! And your great innovation of the forward/inward adjustment for greater contact!!

    all the best contact opening awakening and fullest development into complete body/mind all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    Is there sufficient tension between tab and the head slung forward/upward like this to keep the Aneros in this position?  Does it remain like this throughout your session? 

    BF Mayfield
  •  Yes, it stays put through out the whole session.  As always you have to make sure that the perineum stays free of lube.  I use a medium size syringe with a 3 inch section of silicone tubing, less mess and keeps the anchor area dry.

      I have had some decent breakthroughs here lately, but this one thing seems to be the tipping point for me as to whether I just have a good dry O session or a super O session.  It also seems to take less effort and time to get things rolling, but even when it does take longer, the ride to get there is still great.  With the more direct prostate engagement the pleasure feels like it's much more tangible, if you know what I mean.  Sometimes I would struggle with the mind/body connection and wonder "Am I really feeling this or is it just all in my head?"(realized that head or body doesn't matter as long as it feels good).  This definatly seems to center everything in the pelvic area with the prostate and penis being center stage of the show.  Thats not to say it doesn't radiate out to everything else it does.  The feedback feels stronger too.  With the extra tension the Eupho feels like it is vibrating when a contraction hits,after awhile it starts to feel like a thruming type rhythm.  As this starts, the pleasure, which up to this point has been "Holy Shit" goes right into OMG!!!!  All I can say is that once this starts, I don't even think of trying to control it.  At this point if you want this to continue you have to LET IT GO and relax.  This is your body just enjoying itself, your conscience mind is only along for the ride.  For me the moment that I make any effort to grasp or get a handle on it it's over, but when I just let it go and let it happen...  My cock runneth over with precum, soaked sheets from the sweat, no ideas or cares about how long it's going to last, because your mentally gone, on an ocean, in the middle of a storm, drowning in waves of bliss.



  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488

    Thanks Teeder  :D  :D
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Teeder: Thanks for the tip. It turned an OK session with Eupho just now into a great one.
  • You are very welcome, twlltin.