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Rewiring Regression?
  • Gentlemen, I've got a unique problem of sorts.

    Only a couple months ago, I was lucky enough to reach and experience my first Super O. Things, from there, seemed to skyrocket. Sessions were usually filled with Dry Os and Super Os. I began to make some really awesome progress to the point where I could begin to differentiate one Super O from another as they began to stack on top of each other. It was really rather awesome. After a while, to end my sessions, I began to masturbate to completion. I nearly always finished my Aneros session with a Super-T. And trust me, they were quite super.

    Fast forward two months alter and I seem to have run across a problem that has manifested itself for a little more than a month now. My rides lately (and I do try to avoid judging a ride so that each session may be unique) have been rather uneventful. I do know how to tune in to subtle sensations and small reactions of my body. 

    What I'm wondering is: Is it possible that, in my incorporated masturbation, I have possibly regressed in my rewiring progress? Even sessions that included traditional masturbation began to become dull. At least, as dull as things can be with my Helix. I could really use some perspective. 

  • Mike, this may be just a natural period of assimilation for yourself - try different approaches to self-pleasuring which do not end in ejaculation - worth revisiting these two recent threads:

    The Dirty Dozen - 12 Ways to be Multi-Orgasmic

    and particularly
    Aneros, Arousal & Abstinence
    where Rumel's initial thoughts are useful to reflect on and Linum adds a comment with a book suggestion that if you haven't read would be good to do so and reflect on where your desire lays in seeking to experience levels of orgasm possibilities versus the false promise of ejaculation (splendid though it is in its own way) in gaining access to awareness of orgasmic pleasure flows.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    This is fairly common I'm afraid. Many of us have lost our mojo at some point in the journey. The good news is that if you take a little break, then come back fresh as if you were starting again as a newbie, it's very likely that you'll get your mojo back.

    Maybe a week or two of total abstinence until you absolutely can't stand it any more, then try a session with your Helix. I can say that that helped me a lot.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    As others have said, what you have described is a very common experience,  I was fortunate enough to have Super O's right off the bat, the first and second time that I used the Aneros. These were defining experiences for me.   Shortly thereafter however, I seemed to lose the ability.   It was crushing. In my case it took many weeks to get it back.  During that time I learned a great deal about my body and about this alternate pathway.   One of the key things I discovered was that the Super O is not the simple mechanical process that a traditional ejaculatory orgasm is.   Achieving an ejaculation is push button gratification by comparison, the method is essentially the same and it produces consistent results every time.  The Super O is far different in this regard, the method (methods) for achieving it  is far less formulaic.  I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to retrace my steps back to the these first experiences with little success. 

    Time would show me that the arousal pathway to a Super O resembles an ever changing landscape involving stimuli, sensations and arousal.  Feeling one's way is the key....being open to any and all sensations, particularly the more subtle ones.  Avoiding patterned responses is also essential....don't be afraid to change things up and see where they lead you.  Also realize that there are different types of contractions (anal, PC, and rectal) that produce different results, experiment with them.  Don't forget that contractions (and the movement of the Aneros within your body) are not the only tools that you have at your disposal:  breathing, movement of your body and mental focus are powerful methods for generating arousal....use them.

    Abstinence is an excellent method for jump starting things, it's similar to opening the choke on an increases the amount of erotic energy in your body.  In some cases (if everything else is in order) that's all that's necessary to get things going again.  In others,  what's required are some basic changes in how you use that energy.   

    BF Mayfield