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Private Time Finally Realized
  • SaddleUpSaddleUp
    Posts: 33

    I finally got my long sought-after private time this week. Wife went shopping today. I knew I had at least two uninterrupted hours, and I took full advantage of it. Omigod! 

    The first 20 minutes were spent aneros-less, and it was mind-blowing, so I knew what was coming next. I had a hungry, itching feeling like there was an empty space below my perineum. 

    My ass sucked that MGX in immediately. I had the most incredible series of powerful dry orgasms yet. As the old saying goes, I laughed, I cried. Really, I did! 

    I'm combining a lot of stuff here: what I'm learning of KSMO ( with the techniques of amygdala tickling from the Neil Slade books. I'm regularly using i-Dosers on my iPod (doesn't seem to matter to me which one, just something to help focus through my visualizations). I have a number of different fantasy scenarios that I turn to at different times to trigger this. And today I experimented with one hit of cannabis prior to the session.

    I've never had such a powerful experience in my life. Where does it go from here? I had screaming orgasms off and on for close to an hour. Some of them lasted many minutes; in fact, I'm not sure where they started or ended. Maybe it was continuous. At times I would just make them go away so I could catch my breath, and soon it would just start over again. 

    I finally went for a Super T at the end. I actually wanted a finale, and it was incredible. There was more autof**king from my Aneros, leading to a definite final Super O centered in my prostate and perineum area. This was followed almost immediately by a relatively small ejaculation of a liquidy fluid (which was a fabulous cum by itself), then followed in another 30 seconds with a full ejaculation. I was alternately sobbing and laughing. I laughed and screamed for several more minutes. Actually, I had little concept of time at this point.

    There was incredible delight in this, which fed the laughter. And there was a bit of sadness that it was over. I had not intended to have a hands-on finish. It's not that I was disappointed for cumming at the end, but a little sad that I couldn't go on another hour and see if it would lead to bigger things.

    It's almost six hours later and my pelvic area is still pounding. I meditated for about a half-hour just now and had the strongest head waves I've ever felt. I smiled and just let the waves pour through me. I visualized the energy of the universe filling me and exiting through my head.

  • That certainly is a wonderful experience, enviable to be sure.  However, as a single man, never married, only once engaged over 30 years ago, i wud want to share that experience with the one i luv.  Not judging by any means.  To each his own.  Just expressing myself.  I realize partners r not always on the same wave length.  Seems sad to me, and i have sympathy for such.  Not wanting to offend anyone at all.  Not having a partner and suffering from ED, i find great pleasure in aneros and mangina, but wish i cud share the pleasure with someone.  Regretfully simply not possible.